COVID-19 – What is Allens doing?

Given the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its declaration by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a public health emergency, we, like a lot of organisations, are taking active steps to help ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our people and clients.

We continue to implement and update our risk and business continuity planning processes, and are actively preparing for how we can continue to operate as normally as possible through this period of uncertainty.

The welfare of our people is at the forefront of our thinking, but we are also focussed on continuing to offer our clients the service to which they are accustomed.

We have implemented safeguards that meet official Australian Government COVID-19 guidelines and taken additional steps aimed at minimising the potential impact.

Working from home - all Australian, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam offices

To support the health and wellbeing of our people, clients and the community around us, our people are now working remotely across all Australian, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam offices.

While we are working remotely, it will be business-as-usual in terms of our client service.  We are well-prepared for remote working and we are providing the support our people need to continue working with each other and our clients. We will maintain limited access to our offices for the purpose of critical business or client needs.

Continuity of client service

All our lawyers and the majority of our support staff are issued with secure laptops which they use every day and can connect to the Allens network remotely.

Many of our staff work remotely on a regular basis. We have taken steps to ensure that we have the training, equipment and support in place to assist our people working from home for an extended period, and to ensure our IT systems are able to manage the increased number of remote connections.

Visiting Allens offices

We will maintain limited access to our offices for the purpose of critical business or client needs. For the safety of our people, clients and community, we ask that you do not visit our office if in the last 14 days:

  • you have come into direct contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19; or
  • you have arrived from an overseas destination.

We also ask that you do not visit our office if:

  • you are under self-isolation awaiting confirmation testing or have been confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19 virus, until medical clearance has been provided stating you are able to do so; or
  • if you have any fever, cough, flu-like symptoms or are feeling unwell.

In each of our offices, we provide hand sanitisers and disinfectants to promote a healthy workplace, and we encourage visitors (and our people) to adhere to handwashing, cough etiquette, social distancing and hygiene practices. If you are feeling unwell when visiting our offices, please make your Allens host aware so we can support you accordingly.


The Federal Government has now said do not travel internationally.

All staff are required to comply with Government guidelines in relation to self-isolation for 14 days when returning from overseas destinations.

Large meetings and conferences

In line with Australian Government advice, we have asked our people to avoid large meetings and gatherings. We have moved key client events online and are supporting clients with education via our learning portal

Supporting clients to meet CPD requirements

We offer clients access to a range of content online, that may help to fulfil CPD requirements. Visit our Online learning hub

Advising clients on COVID-19 issues

We continue to advise our clients on the disruptions, preparedness, and related legal and business issues they face during this challenging time. We have a team committed to sharing our lawyers' views on best practices and insights from around the firm. Please contact us if you'd like a member of our team to be in touch, or visit our Covid-19 Insights page.