Protecting Australia's irreplaceable landscapes and native species

Helping Bush Heritage preserve precious land since 1995

Bush Heritage Australia is an independent not-for-profit conservation organisation that buys and manages land and partners with First Nations people to protect Australia's irreplaceable landscapes and magnificent native species. 

Allens has proudly provided pro bono legal support for Bush Heritage since 1995. Over the years, the firm has committed thousands of hours of expertise to helping Bush Heritage with its vision of healthy Country, protected forever. This includes 14ha of land in the Liffey Valley of Tasmania, which former Australian Senator Bob Brown gifted to the organisation in 2011 with support from Allens. 

Bob Brown is the founder of Bush Heritage and this property known as 'Oura Oura Reserve' was once his personal retreat. Oura Oura is home to countless native animals including platypuses, falcons, quolls and bandicoots and it is just one of the many parcels of land that Allens has helped Bush Heritage preserve in perpetuity for the enjoyment of future generations.


Bush Heritage Founder Bob Brown and CEO Heather Campbell at Oura Oura Reserve, Tasmania. Photo by Chris Crerar 


Bob Brown's former cottage at Oura Oura Reserve, Tasmania. Photo by Chris Crerar


Sunrise over Taytitikitheeker (Drys Bluff) at Oura Oura Reserve, Tasmania. Photo by Amelia Caddy

Step into our story

Lawyers draft wills better than authors

When legal practices were first established in Australia, a significant portion of their work involved the management of complex wills and estates. However, over time, the founding firms of Allens shifted their focus from managing family estates and trusts to become predominantly commercial practices. This is the story of the firm's involvement in celebrated author Nevil Shute's will.

Intriguing artefacts

Research for the Allens history book has turned up a variety of interesting items, among them a hand-drawn map of Brisbane from 1849 and a mallet used by founder George Allen in 1859 to lay the foundation stone for a new chapel in Newtown, Sydney.

First true civil libel case in Australia

In 1817, 16-year-old George Allen was just a few months into his legal training when he found himself amidst one of the most interesting legal cases in the colony of New South Wales. George had just entered his articles of clerkship with Frederick Garling when Garling was appointed to represent defendant John Thomas Campbell in the first true civil libel case in Australia.

It all started in 1822

Allens was founded on 22 July 1822, the day 21-year-old George Allen was admitted as an attorney and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and became the first person to complete their full legal training in Australia. When he began his small legal practice in a cottage on Elizabeth Street in Sydney, he could not have foreseen the story that would follow.

Helping Bush Heritage preserve precious land

Since 1995, Allens has committed thousands of hours of expertise to helping Bush Heritage with its vision of healthy Country, protected forever. This includes 14ha of land in the Liffey Valley of Tasmania, which former Australian Senator Bob Brown gifted to the organisation in 2011 with support from Allens.

Supporting critical Australian infrastructure

17 October 1949 marked the official start of what is still considered one of the largest and most ambitious engineering projects ever undertaken in Australia – the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

Seeking justice for the Stolen Generation

Right from the start, almost 200 years ago, Allens has shown support for Australia's Indigenous communities and, in 1996, we helped pave the way towards the National Apology through our involvement in the first Stolen Generation legal trials.