Allens art journal

  • issue 5
I got them ol' Reunification Blues, Mamma 1990, by Michael Narozny DALE FRANK
The forest with good mothers (1986), detail
enamels and mixed media on canvas,
gilt wooden frame 125 x 165.5 cm
© the artist
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Over the past century, artistic materials have moved beyond simply reproducing the world around them to begin looking at themselves. Alongside this, artists have increasingly collaborated with their materials – perhaps in the way that they acknowledge how each material has its own history or has the capacity to determine its surface appearance independently. Through a selection of artworks, the Allens Art Collection is able to demonstrate how the uniquely tangible and sensory frontier of contemporary painting can destabilise the historical role of the artist. In turn, this journal opens up a discussion about how artists engage with materials both physically and conceptually, as the bridge between touch and vision.

In conversation with Richard Goodwin

Architect-artist Richard Goodwin aims to break down the distinction between the public and private by focusing on the permeable threshold that connects the two. This is made manifest in how he re-purposes and re-frames materials to critique the heroism of public sculptures.