Justin Andrews

Acid yellow 3

Acid yellow 3 2008
acrylic on mdf panel
75 x 60 cm

Brief biography

Justin Andrews is a Melbourne-based artist who has been exhibiting since 2001, during which time he has had over 39 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions both here and overseas. He graduated with a Master of Philosophy (Visual Art), NITA School of Art, ANU, Canberra, in 2003; and a Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons), NITA School of Art, ANU, Canberra, in 2000

His work is represented in many public and private collections, including the Mildura Arts Centre, Victoria; ANU National Institute of the Arts, Canberra; and Curtin University, Perth. He was shortlisted for the Westpac Redlands Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, in 2008; and was awarded the Academic Medal, Australian National University, Canberra in 2000.

About the work

Although Justin Andrews was a pupil of the Abstract Expressionist George Johnson, his preoccupation lies with the arbitrary and random in geometric abstraction. Andrews uses chance processes to generate a sequence of compositional alternatives for non-objective paintings, the emphasis being on the process to reflect the diverse systems and structures that pervade everyday life.

He begins with an open rectangular box in which he shakes remnants of his sculptures; that is, various small pieces of metal, plastic and wood. He then photographs the arbitrary arrangements, using a digital camera, and these provide the basis for a sequence of abstract paintings. Recognising that the digital image has its own reality, the photographs become works in their own right. On other occasions, the remnants are poured from the shaker box onto a canvas that has already been painted with images of previous arrangements and glued into place, thereby introducing an exchange between the actual and representational. Ultimately, the composition is freed from the necessity for premeditated aesthetic decisions by the artist opening broader possibilities within a set of circumstances.

Johnson has championed Andrews as an artist carrying the baton for geometric abstraction into the 21st-century in Australia . For Andrews, geometric abstraction has survived intact in Australia, ready to compete with other forms of artistic practice, although he asserts its global nature, denying a specifically Australian style.

Work in the Allens collection

Acid yellow 3, 2008
acrylic on mdf panel, 75 x 60cm