Lottie Consalvo

A desert scream
A desert scream 2011
oil on hardboard
120 x 100cm

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Brief biography

Born in Melbourne in 1985, Lottie Consalvo received a Bachelor in Business Entrepreneurship from RMIT University, Melbourne, and a degree in gold and silver smithing from Monash University, Melbourne, in 2006. She then continued her studies, with Engineering (Fabrication and Welding) at Victoria University, Melbourne. She is currently based in Berlin, and, since 2007, has had exhibitions there and in Melbourne and Sydney. She has participated in various artists' residencies, including a Portrait Residency at Kew Institution in 2002, and at Leipzig International Art Program gGmbH. Her works are represented in private collections in Australia, Germany, Canada and the UK.

About the works

After a trip to Broken Hill, Consalvo was inspired to create a suite of paintings entitled And All Around Is Desert 2010. These works represent the merging of vast landscapes and the unending potential of human emotion. Here she explores and depicts the divide between humanity and nature in a discomforting way. Androgynous figures merge into human animal dismorphia, and these 'vessels' twist and writhe in the landscape. While the Australian landscape has never been considered hospitable, here it is a place of fear, desperation and alienation. Bleached ochred hills roll through ghosted expressive faces whose bodies resemble animal carcasses. These protagonists break and strain, rise and fade as they struggle within their interaction with the land they are set against, between primitive instinct and rational clarity, blurring the line between man and his inner forms. Consalvo's works offer a tragic introspective commentary; although powerful, they are elemental in their simplicity. In the rough beauty of their execution, her paintings pay homage to the woodcut as an image-making medium and, as such, to the early periods of German Gothic art, and to German expressionist artists such as Otto Dix, Oskar Kokoschka and Max Beckmann from whom she has taken inspiration.

Works in the Allens collection

A desert scream 2011
oil on hardboard, 120 x 100cm

A vessel for now 2011
mixed media, 120 x 100cm