Peter Maloney

Still wind
Still wind 1991
graphite, oil stick on paper (framed)
75.9 x 59.5cm
Artwork: 796

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Brief biography

Born in Western Australia in 1953, Peter Maloney is a graduate of the Canberra School of Art. He completed post-graduate studies in painting at the Victorian College of Art in 1977, and has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since – not only paintings and drawings, but photographs, audio and video works. In 1996, he was awarded a three-month studio residency in Paris. He is well represented in the Allens collection, and also has works in the collections of Mallesons, Melbourne, and Artbank, Sydney.

The first purchases were two drawings from 1992, followed by a number of large canvases – Oh Sanity Blues 1993; Face the man in the moon 1993; No Net, Not Yet 1996; Under Capricorn 1996 and I(Spiral Sanity)N 1997.

About the works

An exhibition catalogue essay published in 1996 drew attention to the calligraphic aspect of Peter Maloney's paintings – a method of visual expression that focuses on the gesture, on automatic writing and a 'free-wheeling' sensibility. Looking at the works in the Allens collection, it is evident that a sense of urgency characterises Maloney's approach to painting. While the resulting chaos of marks and colour may suggest to the viewer an abandonment of formal structure and painterly composition, it is exactly this heightened, kaleidoscopic dimension that the artist wishes to celebrate. In these works, the dynamism associated with the act of painting not only suggests a tapping into deeper emotional states, it has a vibrancy that alludes to life-affirming, rhythmic energies.

Maloney's practice is autobiographical and performative – an encapsulation of the idea of life 'flashing before one's eyes' but now contained in paintings that are celebratory, evocative yet profoundly personal

Works in the Allens collection

Still wind 1991
graphite, oil stick on paper (framed), 75.9 x 59.5cm
Artwork: 796

Fence 1992
oil on canvas, 152 x 137cm
Artwork: 797

Oh Sanity Blues 1993
oil and acrylic on canvas, 197.5 x 183cm
Artwork: 858

Face the man in the moon 1993
oil and acrylic on canvas, 183 x 168cm
Artwork: 865

No Net, Not Yet 1996
acrylic on canvas, 168 x 153cm
Artwork: 892

Under Capricorn 1996
acrylic on polycotton, 168 x 152cm
Artwork: 897

I(Spiral Sanity)N 1997
acrylic on canvas, 213 x 181cm
Artwork: 906

acrylic on paper, 73 x 55cm
Artwork: 954

Flicker Machine
acrylic on paper, 73 x 55cm
Artwork: 955