Data-driven business: case studies

Data Republic

Data Republic's platform enables organisations to securely exchange data on a trusted and multi-lateral basis, by providing comprehensive legal, governance and licensing workflows for the sharing of data. It is backed by Westpac, NAB Ventures and Qantas, amongst others.

The platform has been designed so that data contributors have full control of the data that is exchanged, oversight of its use and legal rights to protect against misuse. It deploys industry best practice de-identification methodologies. In addition, common legal, data security and privacy barriers to data sharing are removed, making it simpler, faster and more secure for organisations to share and license data in a legally compliant manner. The platform now acts as an essential tool for data governance activities.

Data Republic was created as a legal structure first. This was in place before we wrote a line of code.

Co-founder Paul McCarney*

Allens' role

The process began by drafting for Data Republic a privacy impact assessment that identified the platform's risk to the privacy of customers' personal information, and how to manage any negative impacts. By working through this information, we were able to feed important data into the contractual framework and documents we drafted to underpin Data Republic's ecosystem.

Allens worked closely with Data Republic to design its unique 'privacy by design' governance framework.

Allens also created the contractual framework for its data product marketplace, as well as the documents that underpin the Data Republic ecosystem, including the participation agreement, acceptable use policy, data product policy and data security protocols.

*NAB, Westpac and Qantas invest in Data Republic, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2016


MedicalDirector is a market-leading medical software and information provider that processes over 75 million patient consultations every year and equips healthcare providers with the latest technology, data and content.

MedicalDirector engaged us to help it develop its next generation online platform, MedicalDirector Helix, from the ground up. Helix is an integrated cloud solution that allows medical practitioners to manage all aspects of patient interactions on the go. It provides access to records, bookings, consultations and payments from anywhere, at any time. MedicalDirector Helix is among the first-to-market platforms in Australia.

Given the sensitive nature of the underlying patient information, it was vital to use a 'privacy by design’ approach to ensure the platform was future proofed for success.

Allens' role

This project involved introducing brand new aspects of data use and applications across MedicalDirector’s business. This meant detailed investigation and guidance were needed on all aspects of the cloud-based practice management software platform. Allens worked closely with MedicalDirector to navigate this, and then developed a new suite of health information and data privacy policies and positions across the business that apply to MedicalDirector's critical commercial partnerships. This framework allows MedicalDirector to transact with third-party developers that interface or integrate with Helix.

MedicalDirector now has a suite of its own tailored contractual documents and publicly available policies for use across its business, reflecting the particular commercial drivers and risk appetites across different business lines. They have also been able to test current and future data practices against the regulatory and operational framework in which it operates in order to create a best-practice 'governance first' model.

Applying our 'privacy by design' philosophy, we now provide ongoing advice on the implementation of MedicalDirector's other electronic health records, patient management, billing, scheduling, care coordination, medicines information and population health management platforms.