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It is so pleasing to meet alumni and hear their memories of Allens and our people. It is these connections and shared recollections that establish such a strong alumni bond. In that spirit, I hope you enjoy this issue of Alumni News, in which we catch up with former colleagues Richard Alcock, and Heather McIlwain. We also talk with Jim Dwyer about his 46-year career at Allens. And we consider the law's ability to deal with new technology in our interview with Lyria Bennett Moses, Director Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation. To finish we share a little about some home-grown innovation - our Real Estate Due Diligence App (REDDA).

Fiona Crosbie

Fiona Crosbie

Richard Alcock Heather McIlawain Allens Hub Innovation Jim Dwyer
Heather McIlawain Allens Hub Innovation Jim Dwyer