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March 2019

Our alliance with Linklaters gives our people enormous opportunities to accelerate their careers within a global network. Every year we team up with our colleagues from Linklaters to host a series of information sessions about clerkship opportunities in Australia, London and Hong Kong.

Sarah Ward recently completed a clerkship at Linklaters in London and a clerkship at Allens back home in Melbourne. We caught up with Sarah to hear about her experience.

How did you hear about the Australian Clerkship at Linklaters? Can you tell us a bit about the application and recruitment process?

Sarah Ward

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Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward

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Sarah Ward

I first heard of the Australian Clerkship through advertisements of the Linklaters Roadshow on various Allens social media channels, including their Facebook page, and on my university's LSS website.

The recruitment process with Linklaters was unlike anything I had previously experienced, as it takes place months before the application process of clerkships in Melbourne. It starts with an application form, which takes time, so don't leave it to the last minute! After submitting the application, I was asked to complete a critical thinking test. I was then invited to attend an interview, which took place at Allens' office. This comprised of a practical exercise, partner interview and HR interview with partners and HR from Linklaters.

After successfully obtaining the Australian Clerkship with Linklaters, both Linklaters and Allens advised me of the possibility of undertaking a clerkship within the alliance at Allens. Allens offered for me to join the firm within one of the organised clerkship periods and I was thrilled to accept this offer!

What was your experience like at Linklaters and Allens? What were the similarities and differences?

My time at Linklaters in London was absolutely fantastic. The clerkship was four weeks in length and clerks experience two practice groups. The two groups I clerked in, included Employment & Incentives and Mainstream Corporate (M&A). Throughout the clerkship, there were numerous training seminars, which were based on the various practice groups within the firm along with many fantastic social activities. My time so far at Allens has been similarly very enjoyable. I am currently sitting in the Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets team and have been exposed to a variety of interesting work. Similarly, Allens places a focus on training sessions, skill-building and offers an abundance of committee activities available to participate in during the clerkship.

Both Allens and Linklaters provided a specific session regarding the alliance and spoke of the value it is adding within a transforming and competitive industry. I was impressed to see the extent of the alliance in practice through meeting secondees in both Melbourne and London. Hearing an Aussie accent was almost commonplace!

Did you attend the Linklaters Roadshow in March last year? What was your experience like?

Yes, I did attend the Linklaters Roadshow last year and I'm very glad I did! The event took place at Allens and had lawyers from both the London and Hong Kong offices along with Allens lawyers who had completed secondments. After an overview was provided on the nature of the global alliance, there was a form of speed-networking that took place where lawyers spent 10 minutes at each table of students, answering questions, providing anecdotal insights into their careers and discussing the future of the firm. In hindsight, this event was the catalyst for me applying to clerk at Linklaters.

What advice do you have to students who may want to apply for the Australian clerkship?

Upon reflection, there were three main steps I took before applying:

1. Research, research and research! Spend time navigating the websites of both Linklaters and Allens. Follow the relevant social media channels of the firms and keep up to date with deals and market insights. I subscribed to two Linklaters blogs, which are of interest to me; EmploymentLinks and FintechLinks. These blogs are a brilliant tool to utilise in staying up to date with industry specific changes.

2. Reach out. I know networking can seem daunting, but for me it was a crucial step in determining whether I was a fit for Linklaters and importantly, whether Linklaters was a fit for me. I found the most relevant information came from attending the Linklaters Roadshow and speaking with the team at Linklaters and Allens.

3. Finally, back yourself. After doing your research, spending time on your application and speaking with as many people as you can, you are ready. Have confidence in your preparations and throw your hat in the ring. Good luck! 

Interested in the Australian clerkship? Penultimate-year law students from any Australian University are eligible to apply. You can find out more information and register to attend the Allens Linklaters Roadshow. The Roadshow will be held in Sydney on March 18 and 19 and in Melbourne on March 20 and 21, and we welcome registrations from penultimate year students. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

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