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Financial Services Regulation (FSR) in Australia provides the framework for a single licensing and disclosure regime for financial services providers.

It also provides a uniform scheme for financial products markets and clearing and settlement facilities. It covers most financial services and products.

FSR can apply to off-shore financial services providers, even if their connection with Australia seems very limited.

While the stated objectives of the FSR laws are simple, FSR is a complex and technical area and the laws are undergoing constant review, often resulting in changes to how financial products and services are regulated.

Allens cross-practice Financial Services Regulatory team includes experts from a range of practices within that the firm that advise clients with funds, super, wealth, insurance or banking businesses on regulatory issues that impact their business life-cycle from licensing, product development, distribution and marketing to regulatory compliance. We regularly advise Australian and international clients on regulatory investigations and disputes and have particular expertise in advising on Financial Services Regulatory issues involved in M&A transactions.


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