Allens partner wins prestigious CEW scholarship to study in Asia

17 October 2016

Partner Kate Axup (view CV) has won a prestigious scholarship from Chief Executive Women (CEW) to undertake the International Management in Asia Program (IMAP) at INSEAD, Singapore.

Awarded to senior executive women with responsibility for driving forward the business of their organisation in Asia, the scholarship gives Kate access to the leading senior-level strategic management program focusing on Asia.

Kate will use the program to help drive Allens' China practice, as well as improving her strategic management and planning skills.

'The Asian market is crowded, and it's naïve for Western-headquartered businesses to assume they will succeed in Asia merely because they have been successful in their home markets,' Kate said.

'Any business looking to grow its Asian operations over the next 10 years must first be able to articulate what its competitive advantage will be in that market.'

Kate is one of two women to be awarded the scholarship, together with Rebecca Lowde, CFO of marketing services company Salmat Limited.

'At a time when many Australian businesses are deepening their engagement in Asia, CEW is pleased to support the professional development of senior executive women currently working with colleagues and businesses across the region,' said Belinda Gibson, CEW Scholarships Committee Chair.

CEW is the pre-eminent organisation representing more than 370 of Australia's most senior women from the corporate, public, academic and not-for-profit sectors. More than 100 women have been awarded CEW scholarships to business schools in Australia and internationally since CEW commenced its executive program for women leaders in 1992.


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