Profile of Pasquale Aliberti PhD

Pasquale Aliberti PhD

Senior Associate, BEng, MEng, LLB, PhD

About Pasquale Aliberti PhD

Pasquale works with universities, research institutions, corporates and start-ups to implement IP strategies which are sustainable and provide the maximum leverage to bring technology to the market. Pasquale specializes in the fields of electronics, electrical systems, telecommunications, physics and information technology.

He has an extensive academic background including a BEng in electronics, a MEng in microelectronics and a PhD in advanced photovoltaics and renewable energy engineering. Pasquale also holds a Masters of Intellectual Property.

Pasquale has worked with corporate and research institutions to devise IP protection and risk mitigation strategies, commercial assessment of inventions, drafting and prosecution of patent applications, patent oppositions, validity and infringement.

Pasquale also acts as an in-house counsel for Silicon Quantum Computing Pty. Ltd., an Australian company that aims to commercialise the world-leading research taking place at Australia’s leading Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology at UNSW.

His expertise in the field of electronics, material science, ICT and photovoltaics is well recognised and he has been published in leading industry journals.

Pasquale’s relevant experience includes advising:

  • Silicon Quantum Computing – IP management, IP harvesting, IP risk mitigation strategies, management of IP leakage, IP procurement.
  • Australian Universities – IP strategy, preparing and prosecuting patent applications in multiple jurisdictions with focus on renewable energy technologies and quantum physics.
  • Nbn co – Patentability of Inventions, preparation and prosecution of patent specifications.

For his PhD and post-doctoral research project he was one of the main investigators of the Hot Carrier Solar Cell Project at the University of New South Wales. The project aimed to build a next generation super-efficient solar cell. Pasquale managed a team of students, researchers and engineers and achieved significant milestones.

Pasquale was the recipient of the International Postgraduate Award from the University of New South Wales in 2017.