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Water Publications

  • Client Update: Important changes to Queensland's mineral resource legislation

    25 October 2018

    On Thursday, 18 October, the Queensland Parliament passed the Mineral, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, which will make important changes to the various Acts governing resource activities in that state. Partner Ben Zillmann and Senior Associate Giselle Kilvert consider the changes to mineral resources legislation.

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  • Client Update: Implications of the Critical Infrastructure Centre for foreign investment in Australia

    24 February 2017

    The Australian Government's Critical Infrastructure Centre, launched earlier this year, is part of the government's plans to manage national security concerns arising from foreign investment in Australian critical infrastructure. The Centre has released a discussion paper calling for input into how it can best work with governments, industry and investors to manage these risks. This paper provides greater insight into the Centre's role but there remain areas to be clarified. Partners Wendy Rae and Jeremy Low, Mergers & Acquisitions Counsel Andrew Wong and Associate Nicholas Kefalianos examine this issue from the perspective of Australia's foreign investment framework.

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  • Allens insights: Alternative models for financing water infrastructure

    23 February 2017

    A healthy pipeline of Australian infrastructure projects has created a certain level of competition for project funds. Partner Kate Axup, Associate Danielle Jones and Lawyer Luisa Colosimo recently contributed to a discussion paper on alternative funding models for financing Australia's water infrastructure in the face of a growing population, greater urbanisation and climate change.

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  • Client Update: Major water reforms in Queensland to affect all water users

    6 December 2016

    Major water reforms that will affect all water users, particularly the resources industry, have commenced in Queensland. All water users should be aware of the changes and new obligations, especially as there may be potentially significant time and cost benefits and risks. Partner Bill McCredie and Senior Associate Gobind Kalsi report.

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  • Client Update: Further wide-ranging reforms of groundwater extraction regulation in Queensland

    19 September 2016

    Resource sector operators need to be aware of further proposed changes to how the take of groundwater is regulated in Queensland. The proposed changes will impact existing, new and expansion operations. Partner Bill McCredie and Senior Associate Gobind Kalsi consider the proposed amendments and their significance for resource projects.

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  • Focus: Increasing private investment in the urban water sector

    1 December 2015

    Water Services Association of Australia and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, the peak bodies for water utilities and infrastructure respectively, have released a joint report that calls for major reform in the provision of urban water services across Australia. The report suggests that there is a need for greater private sector involvement in the urban water sector but that current regulatory settings need to change in order to facilitate this. Partner Kate Axup, Associate Danielle Jones and Vacation Clerk Katy Milne report.

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  • Focus: NSW rewrites regulation of private water and sewage infrastructure

    26 November 2014

    New legislation makes important changes to the regulatory scheme applying to private water and sewage infrastructure in NSW. In particular, the reforms change the way in which water infrastructure is approved and licenced by the NSW Government. Partner Andrew Mansour and Lawyer Jerome Entwisle discuss the amendments and impacts on the water industry in NSW.

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  • Focus: Potential water infrastructure projects identified by the Commonwealth Government

    22 October 2014

    The Commonwealth Government this week released its Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper outlining policy ideas for improving water management to meet the future water demands of the agriculture sector. The Green Paper sets out principles for Commonwealth involvement in water infrastructure projects and identifies 27 projects that could warrant possible Commonwealth investment. Partner Kate Axup, Senior Associate Michael Zissis and Lawyer Danielle Atkin report.

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  • Client Update: Major water reform in Queensland to affect all water users with significant changes for the resources industry

    25 September 2014

    The Queensland Government has introduced amending legislation that will significantly reform all parts of water regulation in Queensland. The reform introduces significant streamlining opportunities but also new obligations, particularly for those in the resources industry. Partner Bill McCredie, Special Counsel Philip Murray and Senior Associate Gobind Kalsi report.

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  • Focus: New stormwater licencing in the pipeline

    22 September 2014

    New legislation that seeks to establish a statutory framework for the access to and use of stormwater in Victoria is an attempt to increase the use of stormwater in urban areas and furthers the Victorian Government's policy of limiting the diversion of water from rural areas for urban use. The process to access this alternative water source appears, at first glance, to be straightforward. However, uncertainty still exists. Partner Kate Axup and Lawyer Danielle Atkin report.

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  • Focus: Western Australia's new water future

    2 October 2013

    Significant reforms to Western Australia's water resource management will have implications for existing and future water users across all industries. These reforms have been foreshadowed in the WA Department of Water's position paper on water resource reform, released last week. Partner Jodi Reinmuth and Senior Associate Eve Lynch report on the State's proposed new legislative and policy framework for managing and allocating water.

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  • Focus: Draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan released

    1 December 2011

    The Draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan, released this week, marks a major shift in the management of water resources towards providing more water for the environment, but significantly less than was proposed last year. Partner Chris Schulz and Lawyer Fergus Green report

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  • Focus: WA's first-in/first-served water policy under review

    27 September 2011

    Licenced water users in Western Australia should be aware that the WA Department of Water is reviewing its current water allocation policy. Partner Jodi Reinmuth and Special Counsel Robyn Glindemann look at the Department's recently released discussion paper on the issue

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  • Focus: New Victorian Environmental Water Holder

    6 July 2011

    Victoria has a new statutory body to hold and manage environmental water in that state. Partner Anna Collyer and Lawyer Fergus Green report on these changes and explain their significance in the context of ongoing Commonwealth-state water reform in the Murray-Darling Basin

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  • Focus: Productivity Commission reports on Australia's urban water sector

    12 May 2011

    The Productivity Commission has recently released its Draft Report on Australia's urban water sector - the sector responsible for the provision of water, wastewater and stormwater services in metropolitan and regional urban areas. Partner Anna Collyer and Senior Associate Kate Axup report

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  • Focus: Legislating the protection of Queensland's groundwater from the impact of the petroleum industry

    21 December 2010

    New Queensland legislation will trade off greater protection of groundwater resources against greater regulation and compliance costs for petroleum tenure holders. Partner Bill McCredie and Lawyer Michael Zissis look at the legislation, which is partly aimed at resolving some of the issues associated with the increasingly rapid growth of the liquefied natural gas industry

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  • Focus: Murray-Darling Basin Plan Guide released

    13 October 2010

    A landmark guide to the proposed Murray-Darling Basin Plan marks a major shift in the management of water resources towards providing more water for the environment and less for consumers. Partner Chris Schulz, Senior Associate Kate Axup and Lawyer Fergus Green examine the Guide's key implications for the use and management of water in the Basin

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  • Client Update: Legislative changes to management of CSG water in Queensland

    22 April 2010

    Since our recent Focus on the Queensland Government's coal seam gas water management policy, proposed legislation has been released that will place significant new obligations and restrictions on existing coal seam gas environmental authority holders and applicants that were not announced in the initial policy - including a prohibition on evaporation ponds and new environmental management plans. Partner Bill McCredie and Senior Associate Suzanne Westgate report

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  • Focus: Coal seam gas water management in Queensland

    13 April 2010

    Following the release of its Management of Water Produced from Coal Seam Gas Production Discussion Paper in May 2009, the Queensland Government has issued its overarching guidelines on the management of coal seam gas activities and the beneficial use of coal seam gas water. As a follow up to our audio update Partner Bill McCredie, Special Counsel Philip Murray and Senior Associate Suzanne Westgate report on the Beneficial Use Guideline

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  • Focus: WA water resources management options

    24 November 2009

    The Western Australian Government recently published a Discussion Paper on the proposed Water Resources Management Bill, a key element of the state's much-anticipated water reform agenda. Senior Associate Robyn Glindemann and Lawyer Jessica D'Souza report on the Discussion Paper's implications for industry

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  • Focus: Melbourne's future water supply

    19 June 2009

    The Victorian Parliamentary Environment and Natural Resources Committee has recently released its report on options for supplementing Melbourne's water supply, Inquiry into Melbourne's Future Water Supply (June 2009). Senior Associate Kate Axup reports on the key recommendations of the committee

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  • Focus: Coal seam gas water management in Queensland

    14 May 2009

    Following the release of its coal seam gas water policy in October 2008, the Queensland Government has now released the Management of Water Produced from Coal Seam Gas Production Discussion Paper, which proposes to 'tighten' Queensland's current coal seam gas water regulatory regime to achieve greater beneficial use. Partner Bill McCredie, Special Counsel Philip Murray and Senior Associate Suzanne Westgate report.

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  • Focus: ERA final report into pricing of recycled water in WA

    1 May 2009

    In our September Focus, we reported that the Economic Regulation Authority of Western Australia had commenced its inquiry into the pricing of recycled water. Partner Andrew Mansour, Senior Associate Robyn Glindemann, Lawyer Jessica D'Souza and Law Graduate Joseph Freeman summarise the final report, and give an overview of recent key developments in water regulation in Western Australia and the Murray-Darling Basin

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  • Focus: ERA releases WA water regulation reports

    16 September 2008

    In July 2008, the Economic Regulation Authority of Western Australia has released its final reports from two recent inquiries into water regulation in the state. Senior Associate Robyn Glindemann and Law Graduate Robert French examine the major findings and recommendations of the Inquiry into Developer Contributions to the Water Corporation and the Inquiry on Competition in the Water and Wastewater Services Sector

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  • Focus: Private investment opportunities to enter the NSW metropolitan water industry

    15 August 2008

    The private sector can now enter the Sydney and Newcastle water markets, following the proclamation of the Water Industry Competition (General) Regulation 2008 and the formal commencement of the Water Industry Competition Act 2006 (NSW) on 8 August 2008. The Regulation sets up the licensing and supervision tools that give effect to the Act, which is the first legislation of its type in Australia to facilitate private sector involvement in the supply of metropolitan water and associated infrastructure development. Partner Andrew Mansour, Lawyer Elizabeth Lamaro and Law Graduate Victoria Ho report

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  • Focus: New Act introduces new water market for South East Queensland

    30 June 2008

    A new urban water market for South East Queensland will have significant implications for suppliers and users of water

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  • Focus: New water reliability and safety framework in Queensland

    4 June 2008

    A new regulatory framework for recycled water and the safety and reliability of the water supply in South East Queensland has been set by the recently enacted Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008. Senior Associate Suzy Cairney and Lawyer Scott Watson explain

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  • Focus: ERA inquiries into WA water regulation

    13 May 2008

    The Economic Regulation Authority of Western Australia is conducting a range of inquiries into water regulation and licensing in Western Australia. Senior Associate Robyn Glindemann and Research Assistant Caroline Spencer take a look at the more significant reports

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  • Focus: Western Australian water reform: the next stage

    8 March 2007

    Senior Associate Robyn Glindemann and Lawyer Caitlin Westgarth report on the next stage of Western Australia's water reform program

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  • Focus: Environment and water reform in Western Australia

    28 July 2006

    We look at the latest changes to the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA) and the state's ambitious water reform

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  • Focus: Will the Queensland Water Commission solve the state's liquidity problem?

    19 July 2006

    Like many Australian states, Queensland is in the grip of a drought. Partner Alan Millhouse and Special Counsel Philip Murray examine the role of the newly established Queensland Water Commission in addressing the state's water shortage crisis

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  • Focus: New WA water legislation

    13 June 2006

    Senior Associate Robyn Glindemann and Research Assistant Vivian Chung examine the next wave of water legislation in Western Australia

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  • Focus: New water legislation for Victoria

    12 October 2005

    The Water (Resource Management) Bill was introduced into the Victorian Parliament on 5 October this year. Partner Grant Anderson, Senior Associate Lauren Thompson and Lawyer Emily Gerrard look at the key reforms contained in the Bill

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  • Focus: Reforming Sydney's water industry

    21 September 2005

    The NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal is investigating alternative arrangements for delivering water and wastewater services to the greater Sydney region. Lawyer Sarah Birrell and Partner Andrew Mansour outline the Tribunal's key recommendations

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  • Focus: Victorian ESC issues first water price determination

    9 August 2005

    In July, the first price determination issued by the Victorian Essential Services Commission for the water industry came into effect. Senior Associate Julie Freeman and Partner Anna Collyer look at the determination

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  • Focus: Managing our water resources

    23 December 2004

    The National Water Commission Act 2004 (Cth) came into force on 17 December 2004. The purpose of the Act is to establish the National Water Commission, an independent statutory body that is to play an important role in driving Australia's water reform agenda. Partner Grant Anderson and Lawyer Alistair Newton outline the National Water Commission's primary responsibilities

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  • Focus: The federal election: water reform issues

    21 September 2004

    Water reform has emerged as a significant issue in the 2004 federal election campaign. Partner Grant Anderson and Lawyer Alistair Newton consider two key election policies relating to water: the Howard Government's Securing Australia's Water Future and the Australian Labor Party's Saving the Murray River

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  • Focus: The National Water Initiative

    30 June 2004

    On 25 June 2004, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to implement a National Water Initiative that is intended to result in greater compatibility between the state water regulatory regimes and in the adoption of best-practice approaches to water management nationally. Partner Grant Anderson and Senior Associate Robyn Glindemann outline the details of this important initiative

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  • Focus: Victorian Government's White Paper on water

    24 June 2004

    Partner Grant Anderson and Lawyer Alistair Newton outline the key elements of the Victorian Government's recently released White Paper on water policy, Securing Our Water Future Together

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  • Focus: UNCTAD releases new guidelines on corporate environmental accounting

    18 May 2004

    AAR's Jim Parker and Dominique Dalla-Pozza provide an overview of a recently released United Nations Conference on Trade and Development manual that contains guidelines for corporate environmental accounting

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  • Focus: Water

    9 September 2003

    The manner in which we use and protect Australia's scarce water resources has been foremost in the minds of politicians in recent days. Partners Chris Schulz and Jim Parker and Lawyer Ashley Bleeker report on two landmark initiatives

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