Red Marker

Changing the way legal risk detection is delivered.

It is essential to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations for all digital marketing content. Organisation face greater risk exposure as the volume of content increases amidst constant regulatory change.

Combining our regulatory insight and legal expertise with Red Marker's leading AI platform means more accurate detection of risky statements during the automation of compliance rules and customised risk detection logic.


Document scanning for compliance risk

A Machine Learning and AI platform that analyses digital marketing content for compliance risk and provides a workflow solution to manage the process.

Webpage scanning for compliance risk

Monitoring websites for risky content through automated scanning and application of rules. Minimising risks and keeping everyone on the same page.

Convert legal checklists into digital rules

Transforming manual, paper-based checklists into custom built rules that allow everyone to understand how risks are being identified.

Turn compliance into a strategic advantage

Increase productivity

Take full advantage of the power of digital marketing with faster turnaround times and increased content velocity.

Expand current surveillance

Review all web and print content, more regularly, with a more predictable level of accuracy.

Encourage transparency and consistency

Bring compliance, marketing, and management teams together on one platform with one workflow.