Allens and Red Marker

With the increasing growth of digital marketing there is a need to ensure content complies with relevant laws, policies, and regulations.

Businesses are facing greater risk exposure if content is not being reviewed effectively, while at the same time having to keep on top of the constant regulatory changes in an efficient manner.

Allens has partnered with Red Marker to co-develop automated compliance rules for clients using a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based solution.

Who is Red Marker?

Red Marker has been pioneering the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to regulatory compliance.

Their platform automatically identifies and analyses digital marketing content for compliance risk and provides a workflow solution to manage the marketing compliance process.

Regtech collaboration

Allens brings the legal expertise and understanding of the legislative and regulatory contexts our clients' are facing and work with them and Red Marker to review existing processes and then to build, test and optimise automated rules.

Our work with Red Marker is changing the way legal risk detection is being delivered.

The benefits for your business

Clients benefit by making the review process more efficient transforming a manual, paper checklist into a semi automated review process that is faster and more accurate. It also captures knowledge from user feedback and trains the system in real time.


Increase productivity

Automatically identifying and analysing digital content for compliance risk and providing workflow solutions to manage the process which frees up resources to focus on high value tasks.

Expand current surveillance

Faster turn around times and increased content velocity through the use of technology’s unlimited processing power.

Consistency of feedback

Ensuring that content is reviewed in the same consistent manner with the same level of risk detection and providing real-time feedback about what needs to change.