Allens LawLab

Alternative Services

Our in-house LawLab is a cross-functional group of information, legal technology, and knowledge experts.

Their role is to:

  • seek out and test new and leading technologies in the legal market,
  • embrace cutting edge solutions and work with technology providers to refine their business application,
  • evolve our digital offering to clients and deliver the greatest value and service;
  • design and develop bespoke client technology solutions that automate legal process or augment existing services.

The LawLab is a way for us to be proactive and hands-on with legal technology and products, and to ensure we leverage a cross-section of people with wide-ranging skill sets and broad experience to deliver innovative solutions.

Solutions that benefit our clients

Clients are the reason we innovate, and all of our services and strategies have been designed with our clients in mind. Investing in powerful technology is an important part of the jigsaw puzzle, but our differentiator is the LawLab's focus on that investment translates into real benefits and value for our clients.

Some of the ways we have used technology for clients includes:

  • delivering significant cost savings to clients through the use of artificial intelligence technology, including predictive coding, analytics, expert systems and machine learning. We have developed and rolled out applications in each of these areas to increase consistency, speed and cost-certainty, including a hybrid app that streamlines the review of property leases.
  • customising and integrating several leading tech solutions to improve outcomes for clients – from collaborative platforms to matter scoping and planning systems and pioneering the rollout of e-signature in the Australian legal sector.
  • designing and building bespoke automation and workflow solutions that address specific in-house legal group problems, for example, streamlining the dispute management process and automating contract approvals.

Given the success of these solutions and the growing appetite from clients, we are moving the application of this technology beyond our LawLab to partnering with clients by looking at where and how these solutions can also be integrated into their own in-house operations.