The Harper Report

Harper Review: the major issues

Introduction to Harper Report

Partner Fiona Crosbie, presents on the major issues coming out of the final Harper Review Report published on 31 March 2015.

How will the Government Respond?

Partner Kon Stellios and Simon Troeth, Associate Partner & Canberra Office Head of Newgate Australia, discuss what the final report means for Australian businesses and the expected appetite of Government to implement its recommendations.

The draft report

The draft report, released in September 2014, contained many recommendations with potential ramifications on competition law enforcement in Australia.

In this video series, our experts examined the major proposals and potential implications for business.

Fiona Crosbie

Fiona Crosbie discusses the proposed creation of a new regulator, the Australian Council for Competition Policy, and its potential powers.

Carolyn Oddie

Carolyn Oddie analyses the intellectual property rights recommendations and the tension between the desirability of IP rights and the need for innovation in a fast-changing digital environment.

Kon Stellios

Kon Stellios examines cartel provisions and two particular issues of interest to business - the recommendations on joint venture exceptions and vertical supply arrangements.