Funds Management

Fund operations and asset servicing


Once a fund has been established, ongoing maintenance is needed. We assist fund managers to amend fund constitutions, change responsible entities, document fund financing, undertake PDS rollovers, advise on marketing and advertising restrictions, prepare for members' meetings, and deal with voting exclusions and corporate governance and regulatory issues.

Asset servicing

We have deep experience advising both funds and their service providers.

We assist on custody, investment and asset management, investment administration and outsourcing matters in a range of transactional and non-transactional contexts, including conducting due diligence and advising on investment and business acquisitions; preparing custody, administration and investment management services agreements; advising on issues in relation to the custody of assets; assisting with the establishment of 'managed investment trusts' and the preparation of service agreements in relation to the management of assets held in such trusts.

Our deep understanding of the operational and regulatory aspects of our clients' funds management businesses underpins our expertise in larger scale funds transactions in this highly regulated sector.