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Australia is the undisputed leader of the Commonwealth Games' medal tally with 1684 medals, England second with 1584, and Canada third with 1230.

  • The first Australian team in 1930 had 11 members, in 1994 there were 332 team members, in 1998 there were 439 team members and the 2002 team had a record 515 members.
  • The first Australian team in 1930 won eight medals compared to England's 61. In 2002, however, the Australian team won 207 medals compared to England's 165.
  • Australia's 1938 team in Sydney was provided with outfits by a Sydney department store called Farmers. Athletes were given a jumper, a tie, a pair of shorts, and a singlet. In contrast, the 1998 team were given a blazer, two shirts or blouses, trousers or skirt, shoes, belt, tie or scarf, suitcase, sports bag, tracksuit, competition gear, training gear and village gear.
  • Since World War II, Australian athletes have won 80 medals in Auckland (1950), 105 medals in Perth (1962), 107 medals in Brisbane (1982), 120 medals in Edinburgh (1986), 162 medals in Auckland (1990), 187 medals in Victoria (1994), 198 medals in KL (1998) and 207 in Manchester (2002).
  • Australia's 1930 team departed Sydney on 26 June on the ship R.M.S. Aorangi and arrived on 23 July in Canada. In contrast, our 1994 team left Sydney on a Qantas Jumbo 747 on 11 August and arrived in Canada on 10 August. In 1998, the Australian team prepared for the Games in Cairns, Perth, Darwin, and Singapore, before taking an eight-hour flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. (In 1938, athletes from the UK took four months to get to the games in Sydney!)
  • Susie O'Neill and Ian Thorpe share the record for winning the most gold medals in one Games – six (Susie in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 and Ian in Manchester in 2002).
  • Australia's oldest gold medallist is Dorothy Roche, who was 61 and 10 months when she won gold in the women's fours in lawn bowls in 1990.
  • Australia's youngest gold medallist is Jenny Turrell, who was 13 and eight months when she won gold for the 400m freestyle in 1974.