Artists 2006

The Flick by Ian Barnard

The Flick
Ian Barnard
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2005
Photo: Clyde Yee

One hundred and eight artists, both local and international, exhibited works at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2006. A summary of all the artists and the title of their works is listed below, as well as brief features on five established artists who have a long history with Sculpture by the Sea.

Artists' surnames beginning with:

46 Angus Ademeitis NSW Traceur steel
6 Zoe Amor VIC Red Box Bush bronze with patina, steel
91 Shaeron Averbuch Scotland 'C3' Circumlittoral Colour Clusters printed PVC fabrics, fixings
24 Greg Bachmayer NSW Boogie Rock PVC piping and lead weights
44 Graham Bennett New Zealand Position Fixing stainless steel
67 Bronwyn Berman NSW Wind Spiral II steel, aluminium wire, wood, aluminium plate
79 Francesca Bernardini Italy Traces travetine (peruvian stone)
76 Blah de Blah Designs   Dog Palace by the Sea mdf, particle board, acrylic
42 Rae Bolotin NSW Peeled Orchard concrete
34 Linda Bowden NSW Open welded mild steel
22 Beverley Brandon NSW The Big Lifesaver Cap fabric and suports
74 Tabitha Burke NSW Darwindogs bamboo fronds, palm seed clusters, palm husks, thorns, fibreglass resin, LED lights, steel, cement
102 Ian Burns VIC Line Honours fibreglass, resin, sand, steel
59 Daniel Clemmett NSW Ammonite recycled steel
83 Rick Clise SA Silent Embrace 2004 - 2006 painted welded mild steel
98 Jennifer Cochrane WA Pedestrian Portrait (Monument Series) mild steel
77 Louisa Dawson NSW User Pays parking meter, concrete footing
60 Konstantin Dimopoulos VIC Cypher polyerethane resin rods, stainless steel, concrete
27 Patricia Esguerra The Sunset steel
7 Lea Ferris NSW Magic Happens marble, bronze, copper
90 Mandy Francis NSW Turpentine flower galvanised steel wire
107 John Gardner Spirit Of Sydney bronze, granite, stainless steel, sand blasted glass
94 The Glue Society NSW Hot With A Chance Of A Late Storm polystyrene, urethane
38 Bjorn Godwin NSW Pavilion polyester resin, mixed media, digital electronics, soundscape.
64 Ron Gomboc WA Growing Together marine grade aluminium
103 Charmaine Grace NSW Vortex aluminium, stainless steel wire, polyethylene netting, polypropylene fabric
19 Nicole Grech NSW The Grotto steel, fibreglass, cement, sandstone
93 Alan Groves QLD Gueli Fish fibreglass, glass, steel, bronze, copper
25 Robert Hague NSW After Athena bronze, stainless steel, corten steel
29 Matthew Harding VIC Nano Narcissus steel
63 Geoff Harvey NSW The Party Animals wood, steel, aluminium, found objects
35 George Haynes WA The Oracle aluminium
51 Catherine Higham WA Banksia Refusiphila swimming costumes and banksia
85 Melissa Hirsch NSW Lomandra Longifolia - RED cane, paint, adhesive sealant
105 Nick Horn WA Form Does Not Always Follow Function aluminium, steel, timber, marine paints.
66 Jas Hugonnet ACT Filter plastic
108 Koichi Ishino Japan Cloud in the Sky stainless steel, marble
26 Sarah Jamieson NSW The Search neoprene, zips, velcro, lycra, cotton
28 Robert Juniper WA Sea Plant bronze, stainless steel, corten steel
80 Akira Kamada NSW Shikaku - Maru - Sankaku recycled timber, metal
78 Wang Keping VASE bronze
4 John Kelly VIC Maquette for Public Monument rusted corten steel
32 Orest Keywan NSW ...And With a Name To Come steel, stainless steel, limestone, sandstone
70 Phillip King England It's a Swell Day For Stormy Petrels reinforced plastic (foam filled)
8 Stephen King NSW Beginning VI, Beginning VII, Beginning VIII, Beginning IX Australian cedar, rosewood
40 Hiroyuki Kita Japan Like a Flower in the Wind stainless steel
72 Alex Kolozsy NSW Enlightenment coolcaste bronze, timber
17 Phyllis Koshland NSW Skipping Girl bronze
21 Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski NSW Vein Vine bronze
2 Richie Kuhaupt WA Layers and Then There's Layers resin and marble
62 Diego Latella NSW Sun Disks steel
31 Michael Le Grand ACT Ukiyoe steel
5 Chris Leaver & Emma Parker Amphitrite Falls metal, plastic, glass, wire
73 Michael Lewarne NSW Mackenzie's Event Horizon LED's, timing circuits, photovaltaics, battery, plastic enclosures
37 Lin Liang-Tsai Lover copper sheet
3 Paulo Machia & Izabela Pluta ENTWINED horse hair, rope
101 Frank Malerba VIC Unveiled steel, powdercoated, handpainted acrylic, transparent acrylic
57 Gai Mather NSW Waiting wire, armature, acrylic, cement, driftwood
16 Georg Mayerhanser Germany Starry Sky metal, acrylic glass
55 Sebastian Mendes USA FUTURETRO (PROTOTYPE FOR SEDAN CHAIR) wood, electronics, mixed media
104 MPD Export A beach comber's house iron, steel, sea weed
58 Keld Moseholm Denmark Utopia bronze, granite
81 Glenn Murray VIC Figures in The Landscape steel, wire
82 Hiroaki Nakayama Japan Breath of The Moonlight black granite
68 Yoshio Nitta Japan By The Breeze copper, stainless steel, resin with glass fibre
52 Ellie Nuss & John McDermid More/Less wood, steel, aluminium, found objects
75 Bill Ogilvie VIC Little Miracle bronze, marble
41 Koichi Ogino Japan Camel Country pink granite
106 Graeme Pattison NSW The Big Red Traffic Light salvaged traffic lights, steel
13 Amy Podmore USA UNTITLED bronze
12 Adam Proctor & Tom Milner NSW Archimedes steel
53 Bruce Radke NSW Zaide steel, polyurethane enamel
97 Hugh Ramage NSW Fisher formply
14 Rick Reynolds NSW Cat's Cradle hardwood saplings, wire, rope
95 Jean-Pierre Rives Tatua metal
61 Campbell Robertson-Swann NSW NED stainless steel, painted mild steel
18 Ron Robertson-Swann  & Lucy Vader NSW Tunnel Vision paint on glass
49 Andrew Rogers VIC Folded 1 - Weightless bronze
36 James Rogers NSW OBBLIGATO marine plywood, laminated sawn timber, polyurethane paint
9 Margarita Sampson NSW Big Mamma And The Kittens textiles
23 Margot Seares ACT Poles Apart? printed vinyl
11 Alexander Seton NSW UNDER DEVELOPMENT mixed media
10 David Shepherd VIC Sprint Boat cane, steel, copper coated steel wire
65 Alison Simon NSW Grunt tennis net, metal, vinyl, sound
71 Christine Smith NSW Flow aluminium, fishing nylon
39 Braddon Snape NSW Methods for Escape crecaste reinforced concrete
56 Michael Snape NSW Banner steel
96 Lisa Solomon USA Theos sheet metal
88 Phillip Spelman ACT Choice of Passage steel painted auto duco
100 Klas Sundkvist Sweden TRANS CIRCULUS (Latin: Beyond The Horizon) plaster, glass, wood
87 Ian Swift NSW SEA MONSTERS foundry objects
33 Mitsuo Takeuchi Japan TRANSFIGURATION "WIND" VIII stainless steel
45 Marcus Tatton TAS Humbaba's Barrel wood, steel
48 Jarrod Taylor NSW Structural Wind prefabricated structural steel, tube, sitting scaffold
86 The Tool Room NSW Wagging By The Sea aluminium
15 Corey Thomas VIC THE BIRDMAN steel, cement fondue
20 Peter Tilley NSW Uncertainty of an idea cast iron, steel
1 Richard Tipping NSW Free Art! Before Art Frees You plastic warning tape, barrier board on legs
47 Andrew Townsend NSW Convoy steel, copper, mixed media
99 Bronwyn Tuohy NSW AFTERMATH plastic, vinyl, rubbish
69 Daniela Turrin NSW Archi Tekton glass, knitted stainless steel marsh, spring wire, mixed media
43 Haruyuki Uchida Japan Stationary Shape stainless steel, magnet, paint
54 Ken Unsworth NSW A Walk Thru The Trees timber, conifers
50 Keizo Ushio Japan OUSHI - ZOKEI 2006 granite
30 Guy Warren NSW Icarus vapour, aeroplane, sky, sun, wind
84 Emma Wise ACT Cut To Fit water, chalk
92 Frank Woo Malaysia Shadow Dance II Iron