Artists 2010

Over 100 artists, both local and international, exhibited works at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2010. A summary of all the artists and titles of their works is below, as well as brief features about five established artists who exhibited.

Artists' surnames beginning with:

19 Angus Adameitis NSW TBC steel, fibreglass polymer
41 George Andric SA Everything changes everything returns stainless steel
97 Kerrie Argent WA Evidence – The Trial Continues recycled plastic lids, red cable ties
72 Lucy Barker NSW Sea Cells dryer lint, thread, wire
29 May Barrie NSW Angaston White Monolith marble
62 Tom Bass (The late) People Power
106 Aaron Lee & Betty Jane Benson USA Title Wave yellow pine
34 Suzie Bleach NSW The Adaptable Migrant steel, salvaged objects
6 Rae Bolotin NSW Two seeds stainless steel
35 Linda Bowden NSW Into the Trees II welded steel
81 Paul Caporn WA Life Boy fibreglass, plastic, steel
23 Sir Anthony Caro OM England TBC
70 Jeramie Carter NSW The Dancer stainless steel, sandstone
109 Daniel Clemmett NSW Idol for a bull market car bonnet undercarriages
68 Jennifer Cochrane WA Pyramid Stack mild steel
56 Peter Collins NSW Tide's Turn eucalyptus sticks, cladding steel framework
77 Steve Croquett NSW Jolly Giants hand-formed sheet metal
47 Tony Davis WA Chimney Totem jarrah timber, steel sub-frame
93 Gary Deirmendjian NSW Flake concrete, bitumen, steel, traffic accessories
63 Mimi Dennett NSW The production line turf, fibreglass, welded steel, stainless steel, mesh
42 Bob Emser USA Wind of Change aluminium, stainless steel
57 Ben Fasham VIC Piercing Balance stainless steel, corten steel
54 Dusty Folwarczny USA Pillumn salvaged steel, polymer
12 Helle Frøsig Denmark Green Forest Object plywood, iron, fibreglass, oil-based paint
98 Benjamin Gilbert VIC Long neck stainless steel, copper
13 Jane Gillings NSW The Big Melt discarded plastic, monofilament
37 Bjorn Godwin NSW Golden Boy (for the convenience of passers by) corrugated iron, aluminium, pebblecrete, mixed media
26 Ron Gomboc WA Young Love: Growing Together Series copper, bronze
71 Clara Hali NSW Blackheath Woman bronze, corten steel
43 Matthew Harding VIC Centrifugal stainless steel
101 Derek Hart TAS Carpet crushed limestone
18 Geoff Harvey NSW A French litter steel, wood
5 Richard Heinrich USA Such Sweet Thunder stainless steel
50 Zero Higashida Japan Portrait of Mr A stainless steel, black granite
60 Edward Horne NSW Think Tank- Bureaucratic Tank filing cabinets, steel, office lights, urn
108 David Horton NSW Jarret In London mild steel
79 Toshio Iezumi Japan M.100901 float glass, mirror, aluminium
82 Koichi Ishino NSW Wind Stone – Earth and Sky stainless steel, granite
2 Greg James WA Coast Guard steel
46 Greg Johns SA Old Fella – Story Tella corten steel, ironstone
103 Dennis Kalous NSW Bondi Venus recycled sandstone boulders
30 Orest Keywan NSW Untitled steel
17 Sally Kidall NSW At the table: are we sitting comfortably timber furniture, hessian, soil, sand, grass seed
91 Hannah Kidd New Zealand The sky is falling steel rod, corrugated iron
14 Virginia King New Zealand Leaf Vessel ironbark logs, basalt crystals
96 Stephen King NSW Pink Flowering Iron Bark stainless steel
39 Hiroyuki Kita Japan Wind for Tomorrow 2010 stainless steel, ball bearings, steel, paint
73 Michael Le Grand ACT Anaconda painted steel
48 Jonathan Leahey VIC Natural Selection copper, steel, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel
104 Sang-Bong Lee South Korea Still Life stainless steel
75 Tim MacFarlane Reid WA Initialis austen weathering steel
74 Gangadhar Mahato India Anguish fibreglass
64 Stephen Marr NSW Crossroad high definition projector, laptop, sensors
66 Michael Marris NSW Pod Form solid timber
31 Kaoru Matsumoto Japan Cycle90° 'A Premonition of Wind' concrete, steel, cable
33 Dale Miles NSW Chapel titanium, stainless steel, bearings
76 Jamieson Miller VIC Sight hardwood, enamel paint
44 Tomas Misura NSW Splash cypress pine with stain
67 Philippe Moreau NSW TBC stainless steel
58 Keld Moseholm Denmark The Kiss TBC or Mirroring bronze, granite
7 Vlase Nikoleski NSW Down Under stainless steel, bronze, kiln fired fossilised siltstone
99 Patrick Oppliger Sweden Wayfarer diabase, stainless steel
15 Jennifer Orchard NSW the new pugaroos ceramic, steel, polyester
90 Giselle Penn NSW Spanning the void cement fondue, found objects, wool felt
32 John Petrie NSW Rest iron bark, concrete, steel
53 Hamish Petrie NSW Ilekun Ayo 'The Door to Happiness' basalt
102 Phillip Piperides QLD Walking on Glass bronze
94 Michael Purdy NSW The Stack piles creek sandstone
11 Fredrik Raddum Norway Lumphead painted polyester
51 Bruce Radke NSW Qwion 2010 mild austen steel, stainless steel, paint
49 Hugh Ramage NSW Project for a park mild steel, paint
22 DLN Reddy India Untitled bronze
16 Sasha Reid NSW What have they ever done for us  
87 Jean-Marc Rivalland WA Vehicle used car, welded sheet metal
28 Jean Pierre Rives France Homage a Albert Feraud steel
95 Jimmy Rix NSW Greater Grater corten steel
9 Susan Ann Roberts NSW Trapped river rocks, stainless steel
40 Andrew Rogers VIC from Optimism to hope bronze, stainless steel
83 James Rogers NSW Big Bather steel
69 Alan Rose NSW Iguasu wood, steel, fibreglass
24 Alessandra Rossi WA Archaelogical Dig: aluminium mirrors, timber, glass, aluminium, found objects, LED lights
88 Leonard Sabol NSW Border stainless steel
10 Charles Schneider NSW Crown of thorns wallpaper (acanthaster planci) clay slip
8 Paul Selwood NSW Shimmer  
4 Fatih Semiz VIC State of square powder coated steel
3 Vicki Shiels NSW Piano by the sea  
38 Braddon Snape NSW Entering The Exit welded and epoxy coated steel
89 Dean Snyder USA Olpe cast bronze
25 Philip Spelman NSW TBC painted steel
84 Nick Stranks NSW Bronzed Aussie Series (life jackets) cast silicon bronze
59 Ian Swift NSW Garden Mandala potting mix, flowers
27 Mitsuo Takeuchi Japan Transfiguration 'link' XXIII stainless steel, stone
36 Akiho Tata Japan Fanatsia for the Sea granite, paint.
52 Marcus Tatton TAS Globoids carved and treated cypress
65 Stephen Tero WA Shell mild steel, terracotta roof tiles
86 Paul Thurloe NSW Critter sandstone
20 Peter Tilley NSW Dreams of Ordinary People cast iron, steel
1 Eduardo Barata U.F.O. NSW Pool Landscape  
55 Haruyuki Uchida Japan Intersection stainless steel, magnet, paint
61 Keizo Ushio Japan Oushi Zokei solo Circle black granite
107 Francois Uzan New Caledonia Eliobi wood, aluminium, solar panels, electric engine
78 Lucy Vader NSW Oh My God painted mild steel
21 Christopher Vassallo VIC The Amplitude corten steel, stainless steel
85 Mathieu Venon New Caledonia Le Bao wood, hemp rope
92 Vince Vozzo NSW New Man Meets New Woman carrara marble
100 Daniel Wallwork QLD Earth Fish recycled plastic bumpers, marine plywood
80 Jacek Wankowski NSW Pauanui galvanised steel, corten steel
45 Samantha Whittingham NSW Doorway wood, screws
105 Tae-Geun Yang South Korea SItting Hen stainless steel, bronze, resin, lighting