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Client Update: Employment area expanded to cater for demand associated with Badgerys Creek airport

5 September 2014

In brief: The NSW Government has released for comment a draft amendment to its Statement Environmental Planning Policy for the Western Sydney Employment Area. The amendment will provide for the expansion of the Western Sydney Employment Area to meet the expected demands of economic growth in Western Sydney generated by the proposed airport at Badgerys Creek. Partner Paul Lalich and Senior Associate Trent March report.

Background – Western Sydney Employment area

In 2009, the NSW Government announced the rezoning of 800 hectares of land at the intersection of the M4 and M7 motorways for employment purposes. A consistent system of zoning and development assessment was introduced for existing employment lands and the newly zoned employment land through the Statement Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009 (WSEA SEPP).

A draft structure plan for the broader Western Sydney Employment Area was released in 2013 with the aim of significantly expanding the employment lands the subject of the WSEA SEPP. The study area identified in the draft structure plan comprised a land area of 10,690 hectares and was bounded broadly by the M4 Motorway to the north, the M7 Motorway to the east, Bringelly Road to the south and the Northern Road to the west.

The draft structure plan study area encompassed Commonwealth land at Badgerys Creek, which the Federal Government confirmed in April 2014 would be developed as Sydney's second airport.

Amendment to the WSEA SEPP

With the Badgerys Creek announcement, the NSW Government is taking steps to rework the proposals for the broader Western Sydney Employment Area that were articulated in the draft structure plan. It anticipates that process will be completed in 2015.

In the interim, it intends to expand the boundary of the Western Sydney Employment Area from its current location at the intersection of the M4 and M7 motorways, to Elizabeth Drive, located at the northern boundary of Badgerys Creek, and to land west of the proposed second airport site.

To do so, it proposes to amend the WSEA SEPP by introducing a new precinct known as the 'Broader Western Sydney Employment Area' precinct and insert a new land application map that will identify the precinct boundary. The new precinct will encompass 4537 hectares of land.

The intent of the amendment is to identify new land for future employment purposes, to be released and rezoned in accordance with the NSW Government's broader strategy for the area. The amendments to the WSEA SEPP will not have the effect of immediately rezoning the Broader Western Sydney Employment Area precinct for employment purposes.

What happens next?

Submissions on the proposal to amend the SWEA SEPP are open until 19 September 2014.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the NSW Government's planning for the Broader Western Sydney Employment Area and provide updates of any substantial developments.

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