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Nucleus: Corporate law developments - virtual meetings and e-signing lead a raft of changes coming in 2022
Insight 23 Dec 2021

After an extremely busy end to the year, we are pleased to present our snapshot of corporate law developments to the end of 2021. We wish you all the very best for the Christmas and New Year break, and look forward to bringing you further developments through Nucleus in 2022. ...

BHP vaccination mandate reintroduced
Insight 21 Dec 2021

The Fair Work Commission has issued a Statement outlining the steps taken by BHP's Mt Arthur Coal to further consult with employees about a requirement that they be fully vaccinated to access the site. ...

Summary of the Religious Discrimination Bill
Insight 21 Dec 2021

The Australian Government has introduced its package of legislation on religious discrimination. The controversial package includes the Religious Discrimination Bill 2021, Religious Discrimination (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2021 and the Human Rights Legislation Amendment (Freedom of Religious) ...

Fair Work Commission orders reinstatement of unfairly dismissed employee
Insight 21 Dec 2021

The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has overturned a decision to award compensation to an employee who had been unfairly dismissed, instead finding that reinstatement of the employee was an appropriate remedy. ...

Tribunal combines impairments arising from the same injury to increase benefits for injured worker
Insight 21 Dec 2021

The South Australian Employment Tribunal (Tribunal) has allowed a worker to combine two impairments arising from a single work-related injury for the purpose of calculating his entitlement to compensation under the Return to Work Act 2014 (SA) (Act). ...

Retirement income covenants (and egg metaphors)
Insight 20 Dec 2021

The long-promised retirement income covenants are slated to come into effect on 1 July 2022. The proposed covenants are aimed at improving retirement outcomes, including by moving retirees away from a 'nest egg' mentality towards spending more in retirement – or 'hatching' the nest egg (to borrow the extended metaphor of APRA's Deputy Chair). ...

APRA guidance on managing climate change financial risks finalised for banks, insurers and superannuation trustees
Insight 20 Dec 2021

Delivering as promised before the end of 2021, APRA recently finalised its prudential practice guide CPG 229 Climate Change Financial Risks. ...

Lessons on product branding and trade mark use in the context of halal certification
Insight 17 Dec 2021

In Halal Certification Authority v Flujo Sanguineo Holdings, the court dismissed Halal Certification Authority Pty Ltd's (HCA) claims of trade mark infringement, misleading or deceptive conduct and passing off against the Flujo Group of companies relating to the use of a halal-related trade mark, and ordered that its registration for that mark be cancelled. ...

Managing the risks of brand collaborations – a few top tips
Insight 17 Dec 2021

Brand collaborations can create exciting commercial opportunities for businesses. However, they involve a number of risks. These include, for example, the possibility that a collaborator may suffer unexpected damage to their brand which makes the collaboration no longer commercially viable. Therefor ...

Overcoming roadblocks to blockchain inventions
Insight 17 Dec 2021

In welcome news for technology innovators, a delegate of the Commissioner of Patents recently determined that certain blockchain inventions constituted patentable subject matter. ...