Allens Accelerate

What is Allens Accelerate?

Allens Accelerate is a legal practice dedicated to supporting the Australian startup community and providing expert legal advice to startupsinvestors, and corporates.

Our team of experts are able to provide a cost-effective, personalised and high quality service. We understand the unique nature of the regulatory, operational and strategic issues presented by entrepreneurial and high growth businesses.

Our team is equipped with the experience and the knowledge to appreciate the commercial and legal drivers specific to startups, high-growth companies and investors in the space, and to navigate through any associated challenges. At Allens we are driven by supporting our clients to achieve their goals with accuracy, efficiency and care.

Startups we've accelerated


Justin Webb, co-founder and chairman of AgriWebb, discusses his approach to on-farm data management and the future of livestock management.

With the industry growing and more solutions needed to expand and make the industry more efficient, AgriWebb is looking to lead the change through the use of technology and data.

Watch our case study video to understand the challenges and opportunities involved with setting up a startup.