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Technology Investment Roadmap
Insight 01 Oct 2020

Technologies that will play a fundamental role in addressing the current shortcomings of our electricity networks and driving investor confidence in the energy sector. Learn more on what our experts have to say. ...

Double-duty provisions to receive much needed guidance on what constitutes 'land development'
Insight 01 Oct 2020

The Victorian SRO has released a draft revenue ruling in an effort to provide practical guidance as to what types of activities constitute 'land development'. Unfortunately, the Draft Ruling does not overcome the existing uncertainty in some common situations and arguably seeks to expand the types of activities that may be considered 'land development'. ...

Incident Response Map
Insight 01 Oct 2020

This Incidence Response Map provides high-level guidance on responding to an 'incident', such as possible foreign bribery, serious fraud and other breaches of laws that can have significant financial, reputational and commercial implications. ...

The ALRC recommendations on criminal responsibility and transnational offending – a sign of things to come?
Insight 30 Sep 2020

The ALRC Report contains a comprehensive review of federal criminal laws and how they apply to companies. It also indicates that federal criminal law may have a role to play in the regulation of human rights impacts arising in the context of international operations of Australian corporations. ...

Dollars and sense: the evolution of executive remuneration practices
Insight 30 Sep 2020

The need for robust executive remuneration frameworks is becoming increasingly important as companies tackle the challenges arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, a heightened regulatory environment and the need to strike the right balance with executives to drive and reward conduct and performance t ...

'Winding back' responsible lending obligations
Insight 29 Sep 2020

The Government announced a simplification to Australia's consumer credit regulatory regime, which has been widely reported as a 'wind back' or 'axing' of the responsible lending obligations (RLOs) under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (Credit Act). Learn more from our experts. ...

Reimagining Australian cities
Insight 29 Sep 2020

Cities are always changing, but with 71% of our population now living in major cities,1 there is an increasing focus on how our cities will emerge from the pandemic and how we can provide the greatest social and economic benefits for all Australians. Hear more from our experts. ...

Summary of proposed reforms to FIRB regime – Tranche 2 Regulations
Insight 28 Sep 2020

On 18 September 2020 the Federal Government released exposure drafts of the 'Tranche 2 Regulations' to amend Australia's foreign investment laws. This follows the release on 31 July 2020 of the ...

Nucleus – corporate law developments: Second tranche of draft FIRB reforms; ASIC Corporate Plan for 2020-24; High Court clarifies personal/carer's leave entitlements; and other corporate law developments
Insight 25 Sep 2020

Second tranche of draft FIRB reforms released; ASIC releases Corporate Plan for 2020-24; ASIC grants relief for escrow and non-promotional communications for IPOs and updates RG5 and RG254; High Court sides with employers and clarifies personal/carer's leave entitlements; ACCC releases ninth interim gas inquiry report; extension of temporary COVID-19 continuous disclosure and insolvency relief measures; ALRC reports on Australia's corporate criminal responsibility regime. ...

Insolvency reforms to support small business
Insight 24 Sep 2020

The Commonwealth government announced a package of reforms directed at streamlining insolvency processes for small business. Our analysis on the issue from our insolvency and restructuring experts. ...