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Our webinars and online courses can provide you with the insights you need to help stay ahead of the complex issues businesses are tackling in a rapidly changing landscape, while helping to fulfil your CPD point requirements. 

We invite our clients and contacts to register interest for our upcoming live webinars, or to select a topic below to access on-demand virtual learning. Learn more about CPD compliance and read our FAQs.

2024 CPD Intensive

Doing business in 2024: geopolitics and global economic forces

Presenters: Kate Axup, Marc Kemp and Dr Meghan O'Sullivan

Generative AI: Where to from here?

Presenters: Valeska Bloch and Dr Kobi Leins (GAICD)

Ethical decision making during a crisis

Presenters: Chrisopher Kerrigan and Carmel Mulhern

Contract Law update

Presenters: Malcolm Stephens, Jaime McKenzie, Jeremy Quan-Sing and Corin Morcom

Upcoming webinars

July financial services regulation update

Presenters: Simun Soljo, Emily Turnbull and Gabor Papdi

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Harnessing technology to advance ESG objectives

Presenters: Jessica Mottau, Andrea Culligan, Philip Keogan and Petie Walker

June financial services regulation update

Presenters: Simon Sherwood, Stephanie Malon and Llon Riley

Strategic liquidity: the role of secondary sales in the Australian startup landscape

Presenters: Dominic Anderson, James Kanabar, Madeleine Hunt and Nick Brown

May financial services regulation update

Presenters: Valeska Bloch, Simun Soljo, Elyse Adams and Lisa Kozaris

Construction law year in review and year ahead

Presenters: Nick Rudge, Nikki O'Leary, Joseph O'Shea, Shirleen Kirk, Danica Goodbody, Jessica Orap, Craig Francis, Jake Elsworthy and Kate Wright

Class action risk returning to previous heights

Presenters: Belinda Thompson, Alex Tolliday, Jenny Campbell, Jaime McKenzie and Joshua Anderson

Renewables, grids and human rights: risk, obligations and best practice

Presenters: Karla Drinkwater, Dora Banyasz, Emily Turnbull and Darcy Doyle

The evolution of Liontown – from explorer to near term lithium producer

Presenters: Guy Alexander, Kate Axup, Bryn Hardcastle and Rod Aldus

December financial services regulation update

Presenters: Simun Soljo, Stephanie Malon and Kerensa Sneyd

November financial services regulation update

Presenters: Renee Boundy, Kerensa Sneyd, Steve Pemberton and Diccon Loxton

What is the future for natural gas in Australia?

Presenters: Louis Chiam, Anne Beresford, Alison Reeve and Nick Hume

October financial services regulation update

Presenters: Kerensa Sneyd and Julia Clemente

Mastering IP opportunities and risks in the age of AI

Presenters: Joel Barrett, Tracy Lu, Tommy Chen, Paul Joseph and Atif Wolfgang Bhatti

Psychosocial risk management and designing effective grievance mechanisms

Presenters: Samantha Betzien, Emily Turnbull and Dora Banyasz

Spotting and stopping scams – a conversation with Anna Bligh

Presenters: Valeska Bloch, Christopher Kerrigan and Anna Bligh

September financial services regulation update

Presenters: Kerensa Sneyd, Michelle Levy, Stephanie Malon and Alexandra McCaughan

2023 retail webinar: exploring trends and emerging legal risks

Presenters: Rosannah Healy, Tracy Lu and Jamie Griffin

Exploring the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill

Presenters: Simon Dewberry, Samantha Betzien, Sikeli Ratu, Chloe Wilton and Laura Miller

Allens and Fragomen webinar: Hot topics in employment and migration law

Presenters: Veronica Siow, Tarsha Gavin, Teresa Liu and Charles Johanes

Tax dispute series: diverted profits tax and PepsiCo

Presenters: Joseph Power, Duncan Travis, Anfeng He and Kristen Deards

Sea to grid: offshore wind's potential in Australia

Presenters: Melissa Keane, Jacqui Rowell, Ying Fu and Ravi Kaskana

Biodiversity and business: a deep dive into navigating nature

Presenters: Jillian Button, Rachel Lowry and Laura Waterford

Leveraging technology to accelerate decarbonisation

Presenters: Kate Axup, Dominic Anderson, Anna Skarbek and Darryl Kaufmann

An update on Australia's foreign investment approval (FIRB) regime

Presenters: Jeremy Low, Wendy Rae and Andrew Wong

Class action risk 2023

Presenters: Jenny Campbell, Alex Tolliday, Jaime McKenzie, Kate Austin, Tarsha Gavin, Joshua Anderson and Emily Turnbull.

Contract law update

Presenters: Malcolm Stephens and Jaime McKenzie

From a compliance mentality to thinking and acting ethically

Presenters: Andrew Pascoe, Rachel Nicolson and Jane McAloon

Transforming legal service delivery through technology

Presenters: Lisa Kozaris, Graeme Grovum, Robert Meade and Simone Fletcher

Navigating the big issues of 2023

Presenters: David Donnelly and Danielle Wood

Quality of Advice Review – Q&A

Presenters: Simun Soljo and Michelle Levy

Tax disputes series: reaching successful tax settlements

Presenters: Martin Fry, Monisha Sequeira, Anfeng He and Christian Chan

Key impacts of the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill

Presenters: Simon Dewberry, Veronica Siow, Sikeli Ratu, Samantha Betzien, Tarsha Gavin and Chloe Wilton

Net-zero by 2050: navigating Australia's evolving carbon market

Presenters: Louis Chiam, Jillian Button, David Parker and Raphael Wood

Financing the climate transition: ESG strategy and sustainable financing

Presenters: Edward Hart, Leanne Bloch-Jorgensen and Nicholas Adkins

Net-zero by 2050: big batteries are a critical part of the transition

Presenters: Kate Axup, Scott McCoy, Alex Wonhas and Daniel Burrows

State regulators have issued updates on COVID-19 and CPD compliance. You should check the requirements in your home state with respect to viewing recorded material. 

CPD compliance and FAQs for Online Learning

What are the CPD requirements for my state?

CPD requirements in NSW and VIC

The CPD schemes in NSW and VIC are based on the principles of self-assessment. If the session is relevant to your practice needs or professional development then you can claim one unit for each hour of attendance subject to the cap on private study of audio/visual material.  For further information visit the Law Society of NSW website or the Law Insititue of Victoria website.

CPD requirements in QLD

The CPD scheme in QLD is based on the principles of self-assessment. If the session is relevant to your professional development and practice of the law, then you can claim one unit for each hour of attendance including private study of audio/visual material recorded in the relevant CPD year.  For further information visit the Queensland Law Society website.

CPD requirements in WA

Each recorded session specifies the maximum number of CPD points and competency. Viewing of the presentation, up to 12 months after the date of the presentation (listed), will attract CPD points. You can claim one point for each complete hour of attendance. For more information visit the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia website where you will find the CPD Facts Sheet here and CPD guidelines here.

It is a necessary part of Allens/ QA Provider accreditation that we record attendance at CPD sessions. Allens is required to submit the attendance records to the legal Practice Board of Western Australia for audit purposes. View Allens' privacy statement.

How do I get my record of attendance?

When you've watched a webinar for 60 minutes, a personalised certificate is available for download on the webinar screen. Alternatively you can contact our events team for assistance.

Can I claim CPD points for all online learning modules?

Our webinars cover a range of topics and it's noted where these can contribute to CPD points. Please note that it is up to the individual to ensure they plan their CPD topics according to the regulations in their state. You can find out more about CPD requirements in your location above. 

Who can access online learning modules?

Allens online learning modules are only available to clients and contacts of Allens. Should you have any questions please contact us.

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