Our history

We are Australia's oldest law firm

We've been there for the nation-building projects, major transactions and reforms that have changed the face of Australia and the region. We've worked alongside industry pioneers, innovators, and champions of justice who have shaped the course of our economy and society, sometimes in ways you might not expect.

Allens was founded on 22 July 1822, the day after 21-year-old George Allen was admitted as an attorney and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and became the first person to complete their full legal training in Australia. When he began his small legal practice in a cottage on Elizabeth Street in Sydney, he could not have forseen the story that would follow. 

A lot has changed in 200 years, including us. One thing that's endured is our commitment to our clients, our people and our communities. 

The first 200 years of Allens

Explore the first 200 years of Allens

Visit this interactive digital experience to discover the key moments of our history, the icons and personalities that are a part of our story and the lasting legacy of our work with clients and the community.

Step into our story

In this virtual edition of the book - 'Allens: The first 200 years' - you can step through the story of the firms that came together to create the Allens we know today; principally Allen Allen & Hemsley from Sydney, Feez Ruthning from Brisbane and Hedderwick Fookes & Alston and Arthur Robinson & Co from Melbourne.

A glimpse into our history 

Having begun in 1822 as a one-person legal practice in a modest cottage in Elizabeth Street in Sydney, today Allens is Australia's oldest, continuous law firm.

For 200 years Allens has been shaping the future together with the businesses driving innovation, and the industries powering the nation. In the communities around us, and the cities we call home - our history is everywhere.


This is Allens

Our people are making history every day.

Allens has grown to become the story of many people. As a team, we have many different stories, but we stand side-by-side in delivering exceptional outcomes and shaping the future with our clients and communities.


After Allens

Our alumni have gone on to fascinating and diverse careers after Allens, and we're proud to recognise their achievements.

From campaigning for LGBTQ+ rights and championing gender equality in Australian business through to ethical investment and supporting access to early childhood education, the ripple effect of great Allens people is felt by many.



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