In a complex and changing regulatory environment, superannuation funds are challenged with balancing their obligations to members against the complexities of running large, multi-faceted businesses.

How we can help

We have had a dedicated superannuation-focused team that has worked with all types of Australian superannuation funds for over 30 years.  As a result, we understand the environment in which superannuation funds operate and believe we are well positioned to provide advice across all parts of a superannuation fund's operations in a way that not only balances an excellent understanding of the law, but also brings with it a wealth of market knowledge and experience.

Helping you navigate a complex regulatory environment

Having helped our clients respond to every major recent reform in the superannuation industry, our specialists provide advice across all areas of superannuation law, including from compliance with superannuation legislation and regulations, licensing, development and distribution of products, taxation issues, successor fund transfers and investments, to regulatory investigations and disputes. We also regularly liaise with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, AUSTRAC and the Australian Taxation Office on compliance issues on behalf of our superannuation clients, as well as advise on governance and board-level issues that take account of the superannuation regulatory landscape.

Preparing you for what is over the horizon

Our strong relationships with superannuation funds and regulators enables us to participate in topical industry discussions, whether on reforms currently being pursued by Government, or industry and investment developments and trends to help our clients prepare for what is to come.

Supporting your investment strategy

Just as you structure your investments and teams across asset classes, we too take a sector-based approach, pairing asset class experts with superannuation specialists to support our superannuation clients in executing investment strategies. While our experience spans multiple asset classes, our expertise is aligned to the asset classes our superannuation fund clients are seeking for stable and improved risk-adjusted returns, including infrastructure and real estate, private equity, alternatives and debt. We also assist our clients on the full range of their investment-related matters, including IMAs, custody arrangements, securities lending and derivatives trading, SPS 231 compliance checks, direct lending and structuring of internal investment governance arrangements.