Our values

Shaping the future is in our DNA – whether it’s helping our clients see around corners and take advantage of new opportunities; fostering growth and opportunity so our people can thrive, make a difference and be their very best; or contributing to the development of sustainable, diverse, equitable and just communities where everyone is recognised and included.

Continuing to shape the future means committing to a truly purpose-led culture, built on values that reflect who we are, where we've come from and who we want to be.

We live by five key values at Allens:

  • Striving for excellence
  • Eyes on the horizon
  • In it together
  • Courageous and creative
  • Fostering greatness

Striving for excellence

Excellence in action

Everything we do, from delivering client work to interacting with one another, is built on integrity and quality. We strive to do the best and be the best, supporting one another to succeed in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Eyes on the horizon

Eyes on the horizon in action

We look to the future and see the big picture, spotting new challenges and opportunities, helping our clients and ourselves prepare for what’s to come. We explain how our work supports the goals of our clients and our firm, and share our thought leadership.

Unlocking value with private capital

Private capital investors are accessing broader opportunities across a range of sectors, demonstrating an ability to spot trends ahead of the market.

Elevating ESG

Already today, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations impact almost every way you do business. From the energy you consume to the supplies you source and the policies you follow, ESG forms a critical benchmark against which both progress and risk are measured. But greater change is coming, and this is not a space where organisations want to be playing catch-up.

Driving the energy transition

Australia’s energy industry is set to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the past 100. The transition from a system dominated by coal-fired generation to a greener energy mix is fundamental. Getting there will mean significant regulatory and policy reform, technology advances, private capital investment, and an overhaul of the network infrastructure that underpins the system.

In it together

In it together in action

Greatness is a team sport, and it’s baked into how we operate. We bring together the right people, teams and skills to produce our best work. We are quick to celebrate our wins, ask for help and generously offer and accept support. We all participate not spectate, share our views and get involved in every aspect of the firm.

Inclusion and diversity at Allens

There is enormous strength in the unique backgrounds and life experiences our people bring to the firm. They help us expand our thinking. They help us grow. As a team, we have many different stories, and we stand side-by-side in delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients and communities.

IMPACT: Our pro bono and community stories

The work we do with our community partners, through our pro bono matters and social programs, is an integral part of our business. We aim to both support and empower individuals to create meaningful change. Learn more about the type of work we do through our stories.

This is Allens

Meet the Allens changemakers who are shaping the future of business, society and the workplace.

Courageous and creative

Courage and creativity in action

We are bold and challenge the status quo. We aren’t afraid to experiment. We solve the problems others can’t because we are willing to look at things from new angles and challenge conventional thinking. We gather diverse perspectives and talk about our mistakes, helping one another to learn and grow. We know that integrity sometimes takes courage.

Artificial Intelligence

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts has a proven track record advising companies on AI governance, risk management, compliance, commercialisation and disputes. Our approach is a holistic one—from emerging and established tech companies looking to commercialise AI tools, to large corporates that are creating, buying or using AI.

Our alliance with Linklaters connects our clients with an international network of legal leaders

Our global teams act as one, sharing knowledge, best practice approaches and talent to help solve our clients' most complex problems. While we're market leaders in our own jurisdictions, we're even stronger together.

Shaping the future for 200 years

We are Australia's most enduring law firm. We've been there for the nation-building projects, major transactions and reforms that have changed the face of Australia and the region. We've worked alongside industry pioneers, innovators, and champions of justice and reform who have shaped the course of our economy and society, sometimes in ways you might not expect.

Fostering greatness

Fostering greatness in action

We build each other up. We take pride in, and celebrate, the diversity of our team. We treat each other with respect and honesty. We appreciate the expertise each of us brings and share our thanks and feedback every day. We work to make ourselves and each other the best we can be.

After Allens

Our alumni have gone on to fascinating and diverse careers after Allens, and we're proud to recognise their achievements.

Greatness starts early: learn about our graduate program

Hear from our team about the work they love, why they admire their mentors, and the culture they thrive in.