Whether constructing a pipeline or building a treatment plant, properly planned and delivered infrastructure is critical to enhancing business competitiveness and promoting economic development. As many public sector infrastructure projects are now a partnership with private sector expertise or capital, it is important to have a legal team that understands the complexity of those arrangements.

We have a long association with water and other infrastructure projects and this is reflected in the number and size of projects we have worked on in the industry. We also understand the underlying regulatory and consumer service issues associated with water and utility projects.

Our team

Our dedicated water infrastructure team can deal with all the legal issues associated with water infrastructure development and management. From finance to construction, from environment and planning issues through to tenders, contracts management and performance review of service providers.

We understand the issues associated with social infrastructure in a regulated environment. We have advised on regulatory structures and pricing in water and a number of similar energy industries, including gas and electricity. We understand the effects of competition principles on access to water infrastructure and appreciate the importance of reforms designed to encourage the development of a national water market, bringing with it both opportunities (greater scope for the trading of water rights) and risks (higher prices for water as a result of it being valued by the market rather than set by a government authority).

Also, as part of an interdisciplinary practice, we can access the expertise of many other specialists in a variety of associated areas such as taxation, commercial dispute resolution, intellectual property and workplace relations.

Our solution

Our water infrastructure and regulatory team has a depth of experience in structuring complex solutions for public sector projects, including PPPs.

We have a proven track record in facilitating solutions to the most complex legal and commercial issues. We understand the role, function and political sensitivities of government (with regard to probity) as well as the necessary pre-development and post-development relationships between consortium members.

We are able to identify risks and sensibly evaluate their appropriate apportionment and identify what is critical to the bankability of a project.