Our culture and values

Underpinning our culture are our values: excellence, integrity, respect, performance and one firm. Above all, we treat others as we would like them to treat us.

We energise you with ambition, passion and enthusiasm.

We have teams of people who have a diverse range of interests and we look to recruit people with imagination, interests and intelligence. We recruit multi-dimensional people with different interests, not people who are clones of each other. We look for people with strong academic backgrounds but also a passion for things outside the law.

We are committed to the ongoing learning and development of all our people. We encourage the ongoing development of our people through world-class formal internal and external training programs, as well as regular meaningful feedback.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our clients. We strongly value the quality and clarity of our thinking and the strength of our external relationships. We get the job done to the best of our ability.

We have a quiet confidence but are modest and do not seek to criticise our competitors. We are not aggressive; however, we are proud of our achievements, our leaders and, most of all, we are proud to work at Allens.

We are friendly, approachable and flexible. We are welcoming and we understand that people who enjoy the law also enjoy other things. We recognise people may want to pursue other options throughout their careers and we are open to change. We support people who want to move on and encourage them to remain part of the Allens network via our Alumni program.

We are 'one firm' rather than a collection of different offices.

We are not time servers. We work hard, but also comfortably accommodate our diverse outside interests, our family and our friends. When things are busy, we work hard; when they are not, we go home.

We make no distinctions based upon gender or background. We reward on merit. We support our people in working flexibly to achieve their work and personal goals and believe flexibility is more than just establishing a flexible work arrangement. It is about how, when, and where work is done and empowering our people to develop efficient and effective work practices that benefit them and the firm.