In the community

Our In the Community: Reflections 2013 publication promotes the organisations we support and the causes we champion – from human rights, asylum seekers and Reconciliation, to the environment and alleviating disadvantage.

We are proud of our people who work with great passion, energy and commitment for the benefit of the wider community.

Most importantly, we are proud of the community organisations and people with whom we are associated and hope you enjoy
reading their stories.

Highlights from our work in the community

The Employer of Choice for Gender Equality:

Federal Government's Workplace Gender Equality Agency award. The EOCGE replaces the Equal Opportunity in the Workplace Agency's 'Employer of Choice for Women' citation, which Allens had received for eight years running.

United Nations Global Compact:

first Australian organisation to become a signatory. You can see Allens' United Nations Global Compact's Communication on Progress.

Reconciliation Action Plan:

first major firm to commit to a RAP, to help close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. View the firm's 2013 RAP.

Pro bono:

we were able to provide pro bono assistance to more than 290 individuals and organisations, and 250+ homeless client clinics, in 2013.

Human rights:

there were 61 human rights matters for which we have provided pro bono advocacy, including representation in 25 Asylum Seeker claims, in 2013.


more than 40 different community groups supported each year.


our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are culminating this year in the achievement of carbon neutrality. View the firm's Sustainability Policy.