Corporate Governance

Corporate governance underpins the world's most successful capital markets.

The legal rules can be somewhat dry but their impact is considerable, including on share prices.

Key principles of corporate governance include:

  • proper disclosure of price-sensitive information to the market as a whole;
  • protection of company funds from non arm's length, related party dealings;
  • best-practice construction of boards and monitoring of board performance;
  • fair remuneration and indemnification of directors;
  • dealing with conflicts of interest; and
  • sensible and transparent decision making.

The Allens Corporate Governance team gives real-world advice aimed at minimising risk. Through long experience we understand:

  • how companies work – the obligations of directors balanced against the realities of running a business and the rights and expectations of shareholders;
  • how the market is likely to react; and
  • the drivers behind regulators' concerns.

In the key area of continuous disclosure obligations, we use our client and industry knowledge and understanding of ASIC and ASX priorities to find sensible solutions.

For complex issues relating to directors' duties, conflicts and indemnities, we have the technical skills and knowledge to help you chart the right path.