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Fact sheet: Crowd-sourced equity funding – can you access it?

6 October 2015

The new Turnbull Cabinet has made clear its intention to support innovation, so that Australia can have a thriving economy. The Treasury has already done some work in this area, releasing a consultation paper on crowd-sourcing equity funding (CSEF) for startups and small business.

The rules on CSEF for public companies are fairly clear. But what if you're a private company?

If you're a startup or a crowd-sourcing platform looking to engage with CSEF, you need to be aware that the Federal Government hasn't yet fully developed its policy on CSEF for private companies. New Zealand has taken the lead in legislating CSEF, and Prime Minister Turnbull has signalled he approves of this approach, but what's the state of play really?

Learn more about what the Government's attitude to CSEF means for startups.

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