Alumni - After Allens

Sheree Rubinstein

One Roof

This interview was conducted in 2015.

One Roof's mission is to continue to grow the number of female-owned businesses by providing shared work spaces. These shared work spaces offer everything a female entrepreneur needs to take her ideas beyond inspiration to realisation. Business frameworks, coaching sessions, events, partnerships, brainstorming and even a place to stay!

Sheree RubinsteinSince leaving the firm…

I have entered the exhilarating, tumultuous and challenging world of entrepreneurship. In February 2015 I launched a business called One Roof. We convert beautiful residential homes into co-working spaces and target the specific needs, challenges and ambitions of women. We offer the tools to support female entrepreneurs who need to grow their businesses. I am currently launching co-working spaces in Melbourne and Los Angeles. If you want to know more, go to:

A typical day at work for me is…

I have very quickly discovered that the life of an entrepreneur changes from moment to moment, making it difficult to describe a typical day. As I write this, I am in Los Angeles running a One Roof co-working space in Venice Beach. A day can include welcoming and hosting members, coordinating a yoga class or meditation session, managing our marketing and communications channels and sales strategy, and planning for upcoming events - in between holding meetings at the space. In the afternoon, we host consulting sessions to problem-solve business solutions for our members. In the evenings we tend to co-host various events, which range from wine tastings to panel discussions.

At Allens, I…

Completed my first rotation in Commercial Litigation and my second rotation in Technology, Media and Telecommunications. There were two large-scale matters in each practice group that stood out as key learning opportunities for me. The first was a class action litigation and the second was the drafting of a major supply agreement. I grew immensely in a professional capacity and relished working with formidable and cohesive teams and interesting clients.

Somehow I also managed to find the time to help coordinate a flash mob in the lobby of 101, host a trivia competition, organise an annual wine club dinner and other social gatherings, play table tennis and card games during lunchbreaks, run dancing classes, play in the mixed indoor soccer team, and drink ¾ lattes at Bullrun Cafe.

The thing that makes me get out of bed and go to work each morning is…

Learning the ins-and-outs of a business that encompasses both my skills and my passions. I am constantly meeting new people and learning innovative ways of problem-solving and approaching situations. I love being involved in every facet of the business and, most importantly, I love pursuing my passion of working with inspiring women who have game-changing ideas and businesses.

At Allens, I worked with/the people I remember most are…

There are so many people I could name - from lawyers to support staff. Standout mentors include Duncan Travis, Niranjan Arasaratnam and Hilary Birks. They each played a significant role in my professional journey. I also couldn’t answer this question without name-dropping my partner-in-crime, Angela Gibbs. We began our careers in the 2012 grad group and were placed in an office together. We started out as acquaintances, quickly became known internally as Delta and The Lotus, and left with a special bond. I give credit to Allens for these memorable and lasting friendships.