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After Allens

After Allens, our alumni continue to thrive in diverse fields. Here we share their inspiring journeys and accomplishments.

If you are (or know of) an Allens alum with a story to tell, please let us know.


The changing face of M&A

Australia is at the crest of a new wave of dealmaking, driven by unprecedented focus on environmental goals and new sources of capital. Meet the lawyers at the cutting edge of this new era.

Reflections and projections: insights from Linklaters partners

Linklaters partners (and Allens alumni) Ross Schloeffel and Nicole Meyer recently visited Australia. We caught up with them to get their views on the alliance, global energy and infrastructure trends, and how they stay connected with alumni.

Meet our newest partners

Bringing client-focused, commercial insight to every challenge, our newest partners are trusted by clients on topics as diverse as ESG, industrial relations and the energy transition through to private equity, tax and intellectual property. Meet the leaders who are shaping the future of Allens and driving client success.


AI Governance Toolkit for General Counsel and Boards

Safety and security are big questions posed by generative AI. We've been asking what we can and should do about it, and our recent AI Governance Toolkit for General Counsel and Boards has proven especially useful for clients.

Seizing opportunities in the energy transition

Our experts continue to do great work on Australia's energy transition, advising everyone from large energy consumers and power producers, to infrastructure owners and developers, to private capital investors and government. You might be interested in a guide we recently prepared that breaks down the key elements of the energy transition and is continuously updated to reflect major changes.

Recent work with clients

Explore how our work shapes the legal landscape and positively influences the communities and clients we serve.


2023 Chambers results

Allens has been named a leader (band one) across 19 practice areas in Chambers Asia Pacific 2024. The firm's expertise in a further 23 areas was also acknowledged, including a debut ranking for climate change across the Asia Pacific region.


Those still practising who missed out on our CPD intensive in February can still watch these sessions on demand. We had an amazing lineup of topics and speakers, including: Doing business in 2024: geopolitics and global economic forces; Contract Law update; Ethical decision-making during a crisis; and Generative AI: Where to from here?

Introducing Airlie

This year we introduced our own version of OpenAI's GPT models - 'Airlie' - designed to streamline and assist our people with a wide range of tasks. We asked Airlie to write to you - our alumni.

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