Flexible work

Flexible work is for everyone at Allens 

We empower our people to work in a way that honours where they currently are in their lives, enabling them to balance their own needs with those of clients and colleagues. Allens' hybrid working principles recognise there is no 'one size fits all' approach to flexible work; instead promoting choice, balance, trust and accountability, and adaptation to change. It can be flexible in terms of where you work, when you work or how you work, or a combination of these.

At Allens, we recognise our people are talented professionals who lead full and rewarding lives. Our goal is to create an engaging work environment that inspires them to give their very best. To that end, we support a range of measures enabling our people to work flexibly and effectively – to help them manage their work and commitments irrespective of gender, age or life stage.

Stories from our people

Hannah Biggins

'I've been working part-time for the past five years, as I balance work with raising a young family. I think there's this idea that working part time, especially in a deal team, isn't achievable. For me, having amazing support at home and a great team and mentors around me at Allens has been the key to making things work.'

Tony Shaw

'We had always planned to expand our family but learning we were having twins was quite a surprise. With four young children and my wife's career becoming more demanding, I knew I needed to work for a firm that valued the sort of flexibility we needed to juggle two careers and four children.'

Rebecca Pleming

'I joined Allens after a period of parental leave and have worked part-time so that I can balance my work life with caring for my four-year-old son. The firm has been incredibly supportive. It's wonderful to be a part of this work culture. '

Inclusion and diversity at Allens

As a team, we have many different stories, but we stand side-by-side in delivering exceptional outcomes.