Bridging the digital divide with tech recycling

Economic hardships often prevent young people from accessing cutting-edge technology, leaving the most vulnerable disadvantaged in a world that depends on digital resources for education. Recognising this disparity and promoting sustainability, Allens has partnered with Quadrent and The Smith Family to recycle leased laptops and computers, to provide underprivileged youth with essential technological resources.

The retired corporate devices from Allens undergo secure wiping before being recycled or repurposed, ensuring their redistribution to Australian communities where they're needed most.

Since 2017, Allens and Quadrent have collaborated to shift technology procurement to a leasing model that allows frequent hardware renewal without capital expenditure.

Bill Tanner, Chief Information Officer at Allens, believes this initiative can transform lives by giving equipment a second life in communities.

'This initiative has enhanced our technology recycling program and ensured our equipment has a second life. The program has the opportunity to change many people's lives, so for us, it's a key way to add value back into the community.'

With Allens maintaining certification of its Australian operations as a Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certified Organisation, and working  to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, this program embodies the firm's dedication to combating disadvantage and promoting sustainability.

Matt Graham, Chief Operating Officer at Allens, says this program makes a significant difference through its strategic focus on alleviating disadvantage while fostering sustainability.

'Our commitment to Quadrent's Green Lease initiative combines two of the strategic pillars of our community strategy – alleviating disadvantage and promoting sustainability. We are delighted to work with Quadrent and The Smith Family as we combine our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young Australians.'

The new arrangement will initially see 50 of Allens' laptops donated to The Smith Family's Learning for Life program for young Australians experiencing economic disadvantage to help with their education needs.