Supporting access to information for the incarcerated in Australia

People incarcerated in Australia have little or no access to the internet, few news sources, and limited opportunities for self-expression. For the past two years, Allens has supported efforts to reduce the isolation of Australia’s incarcerated population.

In May 2022, a team of Allens lawyers represented the community organisation Justice Action in its attempt to distribute a prison newsletter about the then upcoming federal election. Members of that team, together with Justice Action and various criminal justice organisations across the country, have since developed a national prison newspaper, About Time.

About Time is a platform for news and education, expression and hope; providing a voice to the incarcerated and a platform for connection through shared experiences. It will be written primarily by current and formerly incarcerated people.

Allens was delighted to support the establishment of About Time’s not-for-profit company last year. Over the course of several months, Allens lawyers worked to set up the company and obtain deductible gift-recipient status so that it can accept donations.

Members of the Allens team, Associates Sevanne McGarity and Kristina Adzic and Lawyer James Royce, said it was great to be able to support the passionate team at About Time.

'It's always interesting and enriching to learn about different people's lives and experiences. None of us had much knowledge about what an incarcerated person's lived experience might be before this matter came along. We've learned a lot.'

In April 2024, About Time launched its website and online profile. It's aim is to distribute the paper, free of charge, to all incarcerated people across Australia.

Visit to learn more or support the cause.