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Our experience: Rory Whitefield

Rory has been contracting on and off for the last five years, while at the same time running his own business. The flexibility of contract work allows him to balance his priorities and try a number of different projects without being tied down for too long.

Rory Whitefield
Rory Whitefield

Having discovered Allens Adapt only recently, he 'couldn't believe how supportive Allens is, from the HR to the business development to the lawyers, it's been an incredible experience'.

The time between Rory applying for the program and receiving his first placement, a project with a large government corporation, was rapid and much faster than he'd expected. Over that seven-month contract, he thoroughly enjoyed the project he worked on, the learnings he got from working at a government-run organisation (his first experience of this) and working with such a friendly team. He also really appreciated the support he received from the Allens partners. He commented that the turnaround times on high pressure work was extremely efficient and accurate.

He found working with Allens a notably different experience to what he had gone through with other firms, saying 'Allens Adapt and the Allens team are very professional, reliable and trustworthy. They are friendly, collegiate and just there for you and what you're going through.'

'I think where Allens Adapt has an advantage is its approach to being genuinely friendly and supportive. You have a great experience and you want to refer it and recommend it to others.'

*Allens Adapt matches legal experts to short or fixed-term contract opportunities at leading organisations in Australia, including Allens.