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Signing documents in a pandemic: what to do when signatories are isolated or scattered

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Covered in this webinar:


  • Legal requirements for signing documents remotely. 
  • Part electronic mechanisms.
  • Electronic mechanisms.
  • Practical tips for signing documents online.
  • Witnessing signatures remotely: law reform and latest updates.

This session was recorded on 19 March 2020.

CPD points:

You may wish to consider a personal CPD allocation of 0.5 CPD points Professional Skills / 0.5 CPD points Substantive Law. The regulators have issued updates on COVID-19 and CPD compliance. Practitioners should check their local requirements with respect to viewing recorded material.


Questions and feedback

Questions and feedback

Latest developments

There have been a number of changes since recording this webinar. Our latest update outlines key changes to legislation across Australia from the early days of the pandemic to the present day.

Allens online learning

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