Key energy focus areas

Australia's energy market is transforming. This transition is inspiring as we look to a greener energy future, but getting there will involve significant change in terms of regulation, the generation mix and the network infrastructure which underpins the system.

As we chart the energy market reform path to 2025, we need to ensure we have all the right policies, procedures and infrastructure in place to support the transformation. We've outlined some key areas that will continue to be prominent as we move forward and how we can support you in this transition.

Five focus areas and how we can help

number_teal-100x100px-1.pngRenewables in Australia

The Australian energy market is undergoing significant transformation as the sector transitions to a lower emissions economy. Find out how this will impact the industry and what we are doing in this space.




Australia’s hydrogen industry is expected to contribute at least $11 billion to the national economy and generate around 7,600 jobs by 2050. What does this mean for the energy industry? Learn more here and discover what capabilities we have in this emerging area.



On 1 January 2021, a number of changes were introduced by the Australian Government to Australia’s foreign investment regime. These changes will impact the energy industry, find out how and what we are doing to help our clients understand the changes.




number_teal-100x100px-4.pngStorage opportunities

As Australia's energy system transitions, there is a growing need to supplement our ever-increasing sources of renewable power generation with dispatchable power. Discover how and what we are doing in this space.


number_teal-100x100px-5.pngPower Purchase Arrangement (PPAs)

There is significant ongoing interest by corporates for long-term contractual arrangements with renewable energy generators. Learn more on the various structures being adopted by industry in this space and what we are doing to facilitate this.