Great Barrier Reef benefits from pro bono partnership

Led by Michael Morris, Glenys Hodges
Environment & Planning

The Federal Government has announced an investment of $500 million for reef conservation and management, featuring a $444 million partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (the Foundation) as the centrepiece. The partnership will fund various projects to tackle crown-of-thorns starfish, reduce pollution into the Great Barrier Reef and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The Foundation's impressive track record of successfully managing research programs and partnerships has been recognised by the Australian Government's significant funding commitment.

Allens has worked with the Foundation since its inception, helping build its governance structure and processes that have set the organisation up as a best-practice charity.

'The investment from the Australian Government enables us to expand our world-leading reef research and restoration programs,' said Anna Marsden, Managing Director of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. 'As the lead charity for the Reef, we take seriously our obligation to ensure we partner with like-minded and committed organisations.'

Glenys Hodges, Special Counsel at Allens, has worked with the Foundation since its establishment 18 years ago and is delighted to see future projects secured by the Government's funding commitment. 'Given its immeasurable global significance and status as a natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef's protection and restoration is a pro bono project about which everyone at Allens feels passionate,' said Glenys. 'Establishing the Great Barrier Reef Foundation as a charity and registered environmental organisation with deductible-gift status sets it on course for future success.'

Partner Michael Morris, who oversees Allens' work for the Foundation, said, 'Allens is pleased and proud to continue supporting the Great Barrier Reef Foundation's work by assisting with compliance and governance, and various agreements with partners, grant givers and research partners. Having a solid legal framework ensures the work of the Foundation achieves its objectives.

'Working with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is a career highlight and it's really rewarding to see how successful the Foundation has become and to acknowledge its humble but passionate beginnings 18 years ago,' Michael said.

Allens has a proud history of forming long-term pro bono relationships by working with community organisations on projects that protect the natural environment, alleviate disadvantage, provide access to justice and promote reconciliation.

Nicky Friedman, Director of Community Engagement at Allens, congratulated the Great Barrier Reef Foundation on the funding commitment, and said Allens' relationship with the Foundation was a great example of Allens' approach to its pro bono program, which focuses on forming long-term relationships with great community organisations that are committed to doing significant work.


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