Allens-chaired energy efficiency review releases draft report

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An Australian Government review led by Allens Partner and Head of Innovation Anna Collyer has released its draft report on Australia's appliance energy efficiency legislation.

The report provides recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act), which sets minimum energy performance standards and energy rating label requirements.

Having established its success in reducing energy use, household power bills and greenhouse gas emissions, the draft report recommends a number of measures to strengthen the Act. These include:

  • expanding the Act to allow its potential application to new high energy using products;
  • streamlining the registration process for products covered by the Act;
  • improving the effectiveness of the energy rating label;
  • strengthening compliance enforcement; and
  • expediting development and implementation of regulations.

'Energy use patterns for both individuals and businesses have transformed in the six years since the GEMS Act was released,' Anna said.

'The review has provided an opportunity to catalogue changes that have stemmed from new technologies, the different ways we use appliances and equipment and the increasing connectedness of appliances, as well as reviewing international best practice legislation.

'It demonstrates the potential for measures that reduce demand for energy to assist in managing the supply/demand balance in the current market transition. Allens' involvement in this review continues to build our in-depth understanding of the energy market functioning and the development of regulation that impacts that market.'

The GEMS regulations save Australian households between $140 and $220 on their electricity bill each year (about 10 to 15 per cent of the average annual bill). In 2017, net savings to the Australian economy ranged between $862 million to $1.64 billion, with greenhouse gas emissions savings of between 4.6 million and 7.4 million tonnes.

Submissions on the draft report are now open, with the final report expected to be delivered mid-2019.


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