Allens reaches 40:40:20 gender target

Allens has reached its 40:40:20 partnership gender target, with 40.25% of the partnership being women. The firm set this target in 2022 with the aim of achieving at least 40% women partner representation by 2025.

'We are pleased to have met our 40:40:20 target ahead of schedule. It has taken sustained and deliberate focus and I want to thank everyone who continues to work to achieve gender equity and inclusion in our firm,' said Chair Fiona Crosbie.

'While we celebrate this moment, we know that partner representation is only one measure of diversity and there is more work to do. We are committed to sustaining our 40:40:20 balance in the partnership and across all levels in the firm,' said Managing Partner Richard Spurio.

Allens has a strong track record of striving for gender balance within its partnership. By 2022, more than 35% of the firm's partners were women, exceeding the target set in 2017.

In addition to meeting its partnership target, the firm has focused on developing a strong pipeline of women progressing towards partnership. As of 1 July 2024, 53% of Allens' managing associates – a key milestone on the path to partnership – are women.

This announcement follows the recent appointment of five new partners and other senior appointments across the firm.