This is Allens

Brooke Purcell

Brooke first discovered Allens during a work experience placement and, after a decade in support roles across various practices, is now an accomplished practice executive working with our Chair.

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I left school. My sister and a few family friends had all attended the same business college and suggested that's where I should start. So I went to business college in 2011 and somehow ended up with a work experience week at Allens.

I graduated shortly after, but before finishing we sat down with all the big law firms to hear why we should consider working for them. I really liked Allens from the very beginning. The people I'd met during work experience made me feel so welcome and, by January 2012, I had a full-time role with the firm.

I was part of a trainee program at the time, and while it was overwhelming to be thrown into all the different areas of the business, it was also really beneficial because I learned a lot very quickly. It was a really great way to kickstart the connections that are so critical to success in a role like this.

I worked in practice support roles in the Funds and Corporate teams and then an opportunity came up with Competition, Consumer & Regulatory in July 2013. That's when I started working with Fiona Crosbie, who is now the Chair of Allens.

Every day is different in my role, but the one constant is attention to detail. I live by my to-do list, but in my role balancing support for the practice and support for the Chair, I know that at any moment something more pressing might come in and I need to prioritise accordingly. Everything I've learned over my time at the firm has prepared me to handle the unexpected, calmly and methodically. It's great to know so many people across the firm have my back and are ready to support me, whether that's on a client matter, a Board issue or something more personal.

My practice support colleagues are one big team, regardless of location, and we've proven over the last few years that you can pitch in and contribute no matter where you are. It's a great place to come to work every day. Everyone's willing to share their knowledge and help each other out, and people just genuinely want others around them to succeed. No one's ever said 'that's a dumb question' (and I've asked a million of them in my time here!). Allens is a really fun and supportive place to work, where people can bring their whole selves to the office. That culture flows through to how we deal with clients as well, and I think they appreciate dealing with advisors who are honest, authentic and who genuinely care about their success.

I think it's a privilege to work at Allens. Sometimes you can forget that when you're surrounded by busy work or deadlines, but I think it's nice to take the time to remember.

On my desk

Laptop and headphones: Quite literally couldn't get through the day without these. Regardless of home or office, both are essential.

Notepad and pens: Notepad is critical to stay on top of the never ending to-do list! Blue pen for 'to-do' and red to 'strikethrough' – there's nothing more satisfying!

Water jug and tumbler: Gotta stay hydrated.

Popcorn: You know it’s going to be a good day when the office snack is popcorn.