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Breaking - Australian Government releases draft decryption legislation
Insight 15 Aug 2018

The Australian Government has released draft legislation to provide national security and law enforcement agencies with means to access encrypted communications and devices The draft legislation aims to respond to the increasingly widespread use of encryption by Australian consumers and the ...

Vietnam issues a stringent new cybersecurity law
Insight 22 Jun 2018

A new law in Vietnam enabling state control of cyber data will have wide-ranging implications for business costs and compliance The powers it gives to the Government are extensive and its coverage is unprecedented Partner Linh Bui and Associates Hien Nguyen and Khanh Nguyen report on the key issues ...

Federal Government's bold vision for data availability and use
Insight 04 May 2018

The Federal Governments response to the Productivity Commissions report on data availability and use released this week outlines a bold vision but has a surprising lack of detail suggesting implementation is likely to be some way off If legislation is introduced the new regime will result in a ...

Backing up the backups - a practical guide to cyber insurance
Insight 03 May 2018

The cyber insurance market in Australia is rapidly developing however key problems still remain. This guide explains cyber insurance – what it is, what it covers, common limits and exclusions – and how to work out whether cyber insurance is right for you ...

Code breakers - Australian Government flags forced decryption reforms
Insight 03 May 2018

The Australian Government continues to stoke controversy with its mooted reforms to encryption laws which would seek to provide law enforcement agencies with access to encrypted communications and information While little detail as to the shape that the reforms will ultimately take has been provided ...

One click from meltdown - cyber attacks on critical infrastructure
Insight 03 May 2018

Security experts have been predicting for some time that as critical infrastructure networks become smarter more automated and more connected they will also become more vulnerable to cyber threats Reports last week of extensive attacks on critical infrastructure by hackers associated with the ...

Coming clean - OAIC releases first quarterly report on data breach notifications
Insight 03 May 2018

The OAIC has published its first quarterly report setting out statistical information about notifications received under the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme NDB scheme since the NBD scheme took effect on 22 February 2018 ...

The walking dread - fostering cyber awareness in the age of killer viruses
Insight 03 May 2018

If the last decade of zombie movies and TV shows has taught us anything and it has its a check every bathroom stall before sitting down and b it only takes one idiot to leave a door open for a world of hurt to rush in Cybercrime is one of the top three threats in the world aside from natural ...

APRA proposes cross-industry framework for management of information security
Insight 03 May 2018

APRA has released for consultation its first prudential standard of information security Prudential Standard CPS 234 Information Security CPS 234 - a key response to the growing threat of cyber attacks ...

Undertaking data analytics without breaking the law
Insight 20 Apr 2018

Guidance highlighting the necessity of being transparent when undertaking data analytics on personal information as well as other matters that organisations should consider so as to better manage compliance risk when undertaking data analytics has been released Partner Michael Morris Lawyer Jaclyn ...