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LNG destination clauses under scrutiny by Japanese competition regulator
Insight 07 Sep 2016

Part of the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industrys strategy for LNG market development which aims to achieve stability in LNG supply and lower prices is to abolish or relax destination clauses with the view that this would lead to lower prices through increased reselling and arbitrage ...

New Parliament and Government for Mongolia
Insight 05 Aug 2016

The new Mongolian Government which won by a landslide in the recent elections has released its reform agenda Partner Igor Bogdanich and Consultant Manduul Altangerel discuss the highlights which will be of particular relevance to foreign investors and include a pledge to create investment-friendly ...

Australia and Singapore enter into Comprehensive Strategic Partnership
Insight 17 May 2016

The Australian and Singaporean governments have recently concluded discussions on a landmark agreement that will see the two countries cooperating across a range of strategic initiatives including in the areas of trade and economics innovation education people and defence The Comprehensive Strategic ...

Personal Property Security regime commences in PNG
Insight 10 May 2016

The commencement of the personal Property Security regime means an important changes to the companies transact business's report in Papua New Guinea. ...

Proposed amendments to the PNG Land Act
Insight 03 May 2016

Amendments to the Papua New Guinea Land Act have been proposed which among other things will restrict ownership of land by non-citizens including PNG incorporated companies that are wholly or partly owned by non-citizen individuals or companies ...

CEPA introduces new environment management fees
Insight 24 Feb 2016

Papua New Guineas Conservation and Environment Protection Authority commences implementation of its new fee structure this year Partner Vincent Bull and Senior Associate Ryan Warokra look at the changes and how they will be administered ...

Revision of Indonesia's Negative Investment List
Insight 19 Feb 2016

On 11 February 2016 the Indonesian Government released the tenth instalment of its economic stimulus programme The programme includes new regulations that seek to streamline investment and business licence procedures and weaken the hold of oligarchies and cartels that exist in certain sectors The ...

Mongolia's Law on Petroleum revised
Insight 24 Dec 2015

Mongolia has revised its Law on Petroleum which will operated in tandem with its 2005 Law on Petroleum Products Partner Igor Bogdanich and Consultant Manduul Altangerel look at the new law and what it will mean for companies prospecting and extracting petroleum products in Mongolia ...

PNG securities laws rewrite
Insight 09 Nov 2015

Those dealing in PNGs capital markets should be aware that the PNG Parliament recently passed a package of legislation to substantially amend and strengthen the regulation of its capital markets The regime will introduce new licensing requirements for those involved in activities such as securities ...

The beginning of the end of the unit trust's monopoly? A look at corporate CIVs
Insight 04 Sep 2015

The Board of Taxations report on tax arrangements applying to collective investment vehicles advocates extending tax neutrality to three additional collective investment vehicles corporates modelled on the Luxembourg SICAV limited partnerships and common contractual funds In this issue we examine ...