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Australia's expanding network of investment treaties and investor-state dispute settlement
Insight 18 Feb 2015

Australia continues to expand its network of investment treaties In light of this Australian investors should consider a review of the treaty protections that apply to their foreign investments If a treaty includes an investor-State dispute settlement mechanism the investor may be able to resolve ...

Report: Wrap-up of Sydney Arbitration Week 2014
Insight 25 Nov 2014

Over five days in November Sydney played host to a series of major international conferences as part of the second Sydney Arbitration Week ...

Investor-state dispute settlement and the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
Insight 21 Nov 2014

The Australian and Chinese governments have concluded negotiations on a free trade agreement that will reduce tariff barriers on the majority of Australian exports to China The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed that the treaty will include an investor-state dispute ...

International arbitration update
Insight 09 Sep 2014

In this issue we look at an unsuccessful challenge to the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the Federal Court of Australia recent changes to the arbitration rules of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia the International Centre for Dispute Resolution and the London Court of ...

Another win for arbitration
Insight 07 Aug 2014

The FCAFC has upheld an earlier decision rejecting an application to set aside or not enforce an international arbitral award. ...

Further support for arbitration
Insight 15 Jul 2014

In a recent decision the Victorian Court of Appeal has held that parties to an arbitration agreement cannot avoid arbitration by seeking to bring the claim in a statutory tribunal Partner Nick Rudge and Lawyer James Waters report on a case that reinforces the trend of Australian courts to give ...

Federal Court - another arbitration-friendly decision
Insight 15 May 2014

In a recent decision the Federal Court dismissed an application to set aside an arbitral award rendered in Australia on the basis that it breached the rules of natural justice In doing so the courts decision recognised the limited scope of the grounds upon which an award can be set aside under ...

The Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement
Insight 15 Apr 2014

Australia and japan have enetered into an economic partnership agreement to reducel tariff barriers on the majority of Australian exports to Japan. In contrast to the recently concluded Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement, it does not include an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism. ...

Asia Pacific international arbitration update
Insight 09 Apr 2014

We look at the inclusion of investor-state arbitration provisions in the recent Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement and the possible inclusion of such provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership a Singapore Court of Appeal decision that means parties challenging the jurisdiction of a tribunal have ...

Investor-State dispute settlement under the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement
Insight 06 Mar 2014

In a shift from the previous Australian Governments position a free trade agreement between Korea and Australia which was recently concluded by the new Coalition Government will include investor-state dispute settlement clauses ...