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Consultation begins on the CDR energy rules framework
Insight 11 Aug 2020

An overview of the ACCC's approach to the CDR Rules and CDR data sets for the energy sector, and matters which may require energy-specific rules. This article provides and highlights the key issues which have been left open for further consideration. ...

The CDR is coming to the energy sector – have your say now
Insight 26 May 2020

The Australian Government has commenced consultation on the Consumer Data Right (Energy Sector) Designation 2020, which will apply the CDR to the energy sector. Entities should consider the impact of the CDR on their business, including whether they would like to apply to be an Accredited Data Recipient to obtain access to such energy data. ...

Connected infrastructure
Insight 30 Jan 2020

Both the Sydney population and the population of Melbourne are expected to reach the size of New York City by 2050, raising questions about how our cities of the future will function. ...

Hydrogen – what you need to know
Insight 12 Jul 2019

The COAG Energy Council Hydrogen Working Group continues its work on the National Hydrogen Strategy, with the release of its issues papers series. The nine papers are a fascinating look at the breadth, depth and interwoven nature of the issues facing hydrogen. ...

Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: February 2019
Insight 01 Mar 2019

In this update we summarise the progress of new and existing rule change requests across the month of February and take a closer look at the ACCCs new consultation paper on the approach for implementing the Consumer Data Right in the energy sector ...

Opposition's promise of $1 billion for hydrogen reflects growing optimism
Insight 14 Feb 2019

The Federal Oppositions recent announcement of a 11 billion National Hydrogen Plan to support development of hydrogen technologies and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is only the latest development demonstrating the industrys potential growth Partner Igor Bogdanich Associate Holly Woodcroft ...

Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: December 2018 - January 2019
Insight 01 Feb 2019

In this update we review the progress of rule changes across the period of December 2018-January 2019 and take a closer look at the AEMCs proposed changes to the regulatory regime for embedded networks ...

Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: November 2018
Insight 18 Dec 2018

In this update we examine the progress of new and existing rule changes across the month of November and take a closer look at opportunities for stakeholders to provide input into the AERs development of a Customer Hardship Policy Guideline ...

Steps taken to progress Strategic Energy Plan
Insight 27 Nov 2018

Tasked with preparing a draft Strategic Energy Plan on behalf of the COAG Energy Council the Energy Security Board has developed five key outcomes and a list of objectives for the National Electricity Market and is seeking industry feedback on the proposed metrics for evaluating market performance ...

The revival of the Retailer Reliability Obligation
Insight 20 Nov 2018

In the wake of the last COAG Energy Council meeting at which it was agreed the National Energy Guarantees reliability component should be progressed new draft legislation gives effect to a Retailer Reliability Obligation Partner Anna Collyer and Associate Luisa Colosimo report ...